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UV Conveyor Dryer for Ice Flower Effect
UV Conveyor Dryer for Ice Flower Effect

Model:KY-72BII-1 / KY-86BII-1 / KY-105BII-1 / KY-116BII-1 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Suitable for drying ice flower ink, matte ink, spot varnish and UV ink after screen printing on sticker and plastic sheet etc. .
Product Feature
1. Structure materials: Machine body is constructed by SS#41 high-grade steel plates with anti-rusted coating.
2. Conveyor system: Conveyor is driven by the reducer motor and the speed is controlled by the inverter.
3. UV section is with vacuum hold-down to prevent substrate from fluttering.
4. Front crossover is for connecting with automatic screen printing machine. It can be lowered for cleaning screen stencil easily.
5. UV lampshade: Unique aluminum radiator with German reflex plate to achieve the highest efficiency output.
6. The German quartz cooling filter can reduce the UV ray temperature (optional).
7. UV lamp: Equips 2 units of US made mercury UV lamp with intensity of 120W/CM.
8. UVC lamp: Equips 9 pieces of low power UVC lamp.
9. Forcing cooling system: Equip high efficient cooling fan with special cooling structure to reduce the UV oven temperature.
10. Control panel: Power switch, UV lamp switch, tri-power switches, UVC lamp independent control switch, current meter of each lamp, accumulating timer of each lamp, over temperature indicator, emergency switch.
11. Safety device: current overload protector, temperature overload protector, exhaust motor overload protector and control circuit fuses.

UV Conveyor Dryer for Ice Flower Effect
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