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High Efficient Heating Jet-Air Conveyor Dryer

High Efficient Heating Jet-Air Conveyor Dryer

KY-72HA / KY-86HA / KY-105HA / KY-116HA
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Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Suitable for drying financial card, scratching card, FPC, membrane switch, plastic sheet, sticker … etc. after screen printing.

Product Feature
1.The lowering type crossover-bridge can be connected with automatic or 3/4-auto screen printing machine. It’s easier for correcting and cleaning the screen frame.
2.CCTV for monitoring the status of the end section.
3.Temperature controlled by SCR with P.I.D. settings to have accurate temperature (±2℃).
4.Double layer insulation design to prevent the heat from leaking out.
5.Equip with exhauster to have clean air in the working room and dry the substrates quickly.
6.Nitrogen cylinders helps to open the oven hood easily (electricity, air/oil pressure free), and ensure operator’s safety while doing the maintenance.
7.Safety device – emergency buttons at inlet and outlet section, overload protecting switch, overheating alarm, overload protectors for motors, fuses for controlling circuit.

High Efficient Heating Jet-Air Conveyor Dryer
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