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Three Dimensional Rotary Vibration Grinding Barrel
Three Dimensional Rotary Vibration Grinding Barrel

Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

This machine is designed for such surface treatments as deburring and polishing, which are processes required prior to the electroplating or spray-coating of metallic or nonmetallic items.

Coming in C, U, and UN models incorporating single-speed, two-speed, or variable-speed horsepower modes, this machine can be designed in accordance with customer requests.

*Incorporates PU liners, which resist acid, alkali, oil, and friction.
*Driving motor is made via ISO-qualified production processes, featuring international spec standards.
*Functions can be adjusted or changed according to operation requirements.
*Finished products will not suffer damage or deformation, saving labor and time.
*Our own specially made grinding compound and grinding stones are suitable for grinding various kinds of products.

Model:YHU-15 Capacity (liter):15 Weight (kg):50 Filling Capacity:80% Motor:0.5HP Total Height (mm): 610 ª½®|:450mm
Model:YHU-30 Capacity (liter):30 Weight (kg):80 Filling Capacity:80% Motor:1HP Total Height (mm): 730 ª½®|:550mm
Model:YHU-150 Capacity (liter):150 Weight (kg):240 Filling Capacity:80% Motor:2HP|3HP Total Height (mm): 1050 ª½®|:885mm
Model:YHU-250 Capacity (liter):250 Weight (kg):550 Filling Capacity:80% Motor:3HP|5HP Total Height (mm): 1190 ª½®|:1050mm
Model:YHU-500 Capacity (liter):500 Weight (kg):780 Filling Capacity:80% Motor:7.5HP|10HP Total Height (mm): 1560 ª½®|:1400mm
Model:YHU-1000 Capacity (liter):1000 Weight (kg):1300 Filling Capacity:80% Motor:15HP|20HP Total Height (mm): 1960 ª½®|:1910mm

Three Dimensional Rotary Vibration Grinding Barrel
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