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V-Shape/ Hexagonal/ Octagonal Gyration

V-Shape/ Hexagonal/ Octagonal Gyration

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1.The body of machine is composed of a hexagonal and octagonal barrel. It helps workpieces and grinding media to revolve completely and more balanceably. The direction of revolving is octagonal. It provides stable speed and auto time-setting. The grinding effect is four times higher than others of its kind.
,br>2.When the rubber is worn out, the body and shaft can be easily dismantled and replaced without affecting any other components. It is a great technology breakthrough.

3.The minor parts and metallic pieces are prevented from becoming stuck or drawn in. This is to ensure the ground workpieces are free from deformation.

4. Suitable for grinding metals, including stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and zinc, as well as plastic and woodware.

5.The grinders are easy to repair and maintain, consuming less power and lessening the malfunction ratio.

V-Shape/ Hexagonal/ Octagonal Gyration
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