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Company History:
In 1964--Established; began developing and manufacturing molds and various kinds of machines (our products encompass hydraulic aluminum extrusion molding machines, hydraulic plate-bending machines, clamped molds for flash-welding machines, pipe bending machines, directional control valves, multi-spindle drilling machines, and vibration grinding machines, among others).

In 1970--Produced Taiwan's first vibration grinding machine (with long-shape tank).

In 1971--Produced Taiwan's first jar-shape vibration grinding machine.

In 1973--Started to provide metallic and non-metallic product grinding and finishing services.

In 1980--Moved to our new plant located in Anping Industrial Zone in Tainan, Taiwan. Increased our personnel and expanded our facilities.

In 1984--Started to develop myriad grinding compounds and produce on a mass-production basis.

In 1988--Started to develop various kinds of grinding stones and produce on a mass-production basis.

In 1993--Buyers at home and abroad began purchasing our vibration grinding machines for the processing and production of aerospace-use parts.

In 1999--With the aforementioned professional experience, we became one of the satellite factories assisting players in the industry in turning out aerospace-use parts.

In 2002--ISO9001:2000.

In 2003--We run our business steadily insisting on "always trying for the best and customer satisfaction first.
Main Products:
Various grinding machines, grinding-use materials, grinding compounds, and grinding services.
Our Customers:
A. Both domestic and overseas companies that need to use grinding machines, grinding-use materials, and grinding compounds.
B. Manufacturers of metallic (punched, die-cast...) and non-metallic (plastic, stone, wood...) items.


Grinding Factory Maker, Grinding Machine, Grinding Materials, Vibrating Grinder, Horizontal Vibratory Machine, High Speed Centrifugal Grinding Machine, Roll-Flow Finisher, Vibrating Screening Machine, Cleaning Machine, Shape/Hexagonal/Octagonal Gyration Grinding Machine, Three Dimensional Rotary Vibration Grinding Machine, 3- Dimensional Vibratory Finishing Machines, Heater Type Automatic Dried Machine, Anti-Rust Compounds, Barrel Cleaning, Wide Range of Chemical Compounds, Abrasive Chips, Ceramic Chips And Plastic Chips, Abrasive Media, Plastic Media, Grinds Tone, Media For Finishing/Polishing, Steel Ball, Mass Finishing Chips And Compounds, Abrasive Powder, Powder Compounds, Grinding Support, Polishing Compounds, Other Supporting Finishing Media, Polishing/Burnish Compounds, Mounted Wheel, All Kinds Standard of Special Shapes G.W, Oil stone, Honing Stone, Sharpening Stone, Yuchen Grinding Factory Maker, Grinding Machinery, Grinding Compound


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