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Ion Fresher Air Purifier
Ion Fresher Air Purifier


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PLASMA is often called the "Fourth State of Matter", the other three being solid, liquid and gas. When enough atoms are ionized to significantly affect the electrical characteristics of the gas, it is plasma. IONFRESHER air purifier applies PLASMA techniques to remove odors, dust, dust mites and bacterial, chemical, pollutants form the air.

-No filter required, so no replacement filter costs
-Operates quietly without using fans or motors
-Ion generator and dust collection panels are designed as pull-out cartridges for easy maintenance
-IONFRESHER produces negative ions to provide you with naturally clean and healthy air
-Improves air quality in your living environment
-Quietly creates an anion breeze which distributes negative ions throughout the room
-Economical and cost effective: no filter replacement required and low power consumption. 24 hours operation ensures you have the clean and fresh air in the room all the time with IONFRESHER
-A built-in green LED indicapor show the device is powered and operating properly
-A built-in red LED show the device needs to be checked for reset, or that the dust collection panels/ion generator needs to be cleaned
-A built-in ON/OFF button works as the RESET button to be depressed after replacing the cleaned cartridge.
-IONFRESHER created a negative ion breeze with fully purified air.

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