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Auto Cap Pad Printing Machine
Auto Cap Pad Printing Machine


Detail Specifications / Descriptions

1.The auto cap pad printer consists of one single color horizontal movement sealed ink-cup pad printer with a large index table and storage tank.
2.Printing flow chart

Manual caps feeding into storage tank → Auto feeding unit feeds caps into correct printing position → Caps in printing.

Fixture by vacuum → Flame treat-ment → Static dust off Auto printing → Out feeding to conveyor with cooling system.(The printing is completed at this moment)


* Machine Dimension (L x W x H) : 2,500 x 2,300 x 2,500 (mm)
* Net Weight : 700 Kg
* Printing speed : 1 Hr / 600 / 1,200 Purchase
* Max Printing plate : 110 x 510 (mm)


* The sealed ink-cup with advantages of ink solvent evaporation is minimized, stable printing effects, easy clean and no smell is used on the machines.
* Simple printing work of static dust off → flametreatment → printing → drying completed at one time to avoid any lose during operation.
* Stable printing effect and less operators are required.

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