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Taiwan Fimitech is a team of professionals aiming to bring clients to succeed in respective field of industry. With 30+ years of experience, the team has helped industrial users to solve numerous problems involving in application of metal-working fluid and industrial/special lubricant.
Established 1832 in German, as a pioneer of lubricant industry, Bechem has developed over thousand of high quality specializing products for industrial users worldwide. Bechem offers the industrial user a high-performance range of lubricants in overcoming various tribological challenges. This includes lubricating greases and pastes, lubricating oils, anti-friction coatings as well as process fluids covering the complete range of metal working operations.
As an exclusive agent for Bechem in Taiwan, our team works seamlessly and strategically with Bechem to best deliver the expertise into the industrial market of Taiwan.


Cutting Fluid, Lubricating Oil, Industrial Lubrication, Anti-rust Oil, Cutting Oil, Chute Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Grinding Oil, Antirust Oil


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