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FINECAUSE was established in 2002. The business started with OEM pad and screen printing. With customers' needs and requests, FINECAUSE has started developing, producing and selling standard pad and printing machines as well as customized machines. During the period, we have successfully applied for several patents such as "Inkcup Structure", "Machine Structure", "Squeegee Clip" and etc. In 2009, we have developed the Six-Color Visual Positioning Pad Printer for Central Mint of Taiwan and established the leading reputation in the industry.
Our machines are used widely in optoelectronics industry, biotechnology industry and general industries. We are also producing related consumables such as pads, clichés for pad printing and screen plates for screen printing. In 2014, not only did we start working with world-famous German company distributing RUCO pad and screen printing inks but we also are representing Italy Tecno company selling the SERITEC squeegees in Taiwan.
Honesty - Kindness - Humility are our 3 major convictions.
Profession - Diligence - Pragmatism are our 3 commitments.

Main Products/Service:
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