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Ming Yuan Inc., having started as a traditional market vendor in Taiwan, specializes in producing pure pork meatballs. Making all products with earnest dedication, we have built customer loyalty and steady stream of returning customers, who also act as the best advertising. Technology and concept of global village enable many Taiwanese expats to purchase our products in volume before they go abroad so as to enjoy the taste of home. More importantly many foreigners also find our products delicious after sampling, which inspires us to promote products overseas. We aspire to spread the great taste of our pure pork meatballs globally.
We prioritize food safety and freshness, so we select high quality, fresh ham. Without cutting any corner, we control the temperature during the whole production process without chemical additives such as borax and preservatives. Our customers can rest assured that our product is both safe and tasty.
Innovation is our motivation, because only by developing new products with special flavors can we satisfy ever changing tastes, keep up with the times and grow sustainably, without giving up offering traditional food to meet unchanging demand for nostalgia.
Production process:
1. Ingredient: We carefully select government-approved, prime CAS grade pork.
2. Flash freezing: Pork is immediately flash frozen after purchase to maintain freshness.
3. Slicing: Pork is cut into thin slices.
4. Grinding: Sliced pork is then ground.
5. Mincing: Ground pork is minced to paste and flavored with just enough seasonings to achieve the perfect taste.
6. Mixing: Minced pork is evenly mixed with shredded, fresh vegetables.
(Low temperature is strictly controlled for the above processes to maintain freshness.)
7. Shaping: Minced pork and vegetables is formed into meatballs.
8. Blanching: Meatballs are blanched with near-boil water without depleting flavor and nutrients.
9. Cooling: Meatballs are air-cooled with fan.
10. Packaging: Meatballs are packed into bags according to preset volume.
11. Refrigeration: Meatballs are boxed according to category and quickly put into freezer.
12. Flash freezing: Meatballs are flash frozen to maintain freshness.


Traditional meatballs, Meatball with chinese mushroom, Meatball with chinese water chestnut, Meatball with taro, Meatball with basil black tungus, Meatball with celery, Meatball with green onion, Meatball with angelica sinensis and pumpkin


Production Mode: ODM, OBM
Export Market: Global
Business Type: Manufacturer

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