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MING FWU JIUNN has over 30 years of experience in professional milling technique. We never hesitate to be in the front line whenever customers need us. Based on our professional technological background and R&D team, MFJ is capable of offering competitive edge and high quality service to our customers.

We do not only provide solutions to meet our customers’ needs, but also dedicate to molds customization upon customers’ requests with our sophisticated R&D team in order to maintain stable production quality.

Meanwhile, we keep on pursuing further technologies continuously and developing newer processing technology. Our core values include on-time delivery, perfect quality, quicker lead time and satisfying service.

In recent years, MING FWU JIUNN hasn’t stopped expanding the production line and equipment update such as quality inspection equipment.

We maintain in the leading position and are impeccable at handling one-stop service from the beginning as the components to the end as the finished product. By knowing customers’ concerns, we provide competitive prices in order to level down your cost and create the maximum possible efficiency together with you.

Our services include CNC milling process, all types of different material processing and manufacturing such as red copper, aluminum, iron, stainless steel, titanium alloy and plastic products.
Both OEM and ODM services based.

What processing service can we do for you?

1. Lathing
2. Milling
3. Grinding
4. Forging
5. Injection
6. Stamping
7. Plating
8. Anodizing
9. Heat treatment
10. Black oxidation
11. OEM、ODM services

Our products can be applied to:

1. Mobile phone parts , 3C parts, electronic parts,
2. CPU cooling system parts, machines
3. Auto parts, car parts, bicycle parts
4. Lighting parts, LED parts
5. Sanitary equipment parts, household hardware parts
6. Heat sink, all kinds of connectors,
7. Precision metal parts, brake caliper parts, suspension system parts
8. OEM & ODM processing manufacturing process

We are committed to providing the best service possible. As becoming one of your trustworthy global supply chain partners, we’ll do our best and never fail your expectation.


Bicycle Parts, Heat Sink, Auto Parts, Motor Parts, 3C Parts, LED Parts, Brass Metal Parts, Precision Metal, Parts, Red Brass Refer to Heat Sink, Copper Content Brass, Stainless Steel, Control Arm, Brake Calipers, Thermostat Housing, Brake Lever, Dust Cap, Pump Housing, Differential Cover, Foot Peg, Seal Head, Bore-up Kit, Cylinder Body, Injector Holder, End Eye, Damping Piston, CNC Parts, Car Service Parts, Axle Parts, OEM service, ODM service, Suspension Parts, Brake Parts, Engine Parts, Pulley, Pedal, Sprocket, Sprocket Carrier, Clamps, Global Supply Chain Partner


Number of Total Employees: 13
Year Established: 2007
Production Mode: OEM, ODM
Total Annual Sales (USD): 300000
Export Percentage: 20%
Export Market: Global
Capital (USD): 85000
Business Type: Manufacturer, OEM, ODM
Competitive Advantages: 1. Strictly control the quality of products.
2. By using TESA caliper, digimatic height gage and the roughness tester, we devote to achieve higher standards in both dimensions and surface quality.
3. With dedicated experience in processing for more than 30 years in Taiwan and the business relationship with Japan over years, we believe our technique and R&D will live up to your expectation
4. Regular training and education for our employees and adding Toyota management (TPS, Lean Manufacturing) in order to secure provide our customers high product quality and on-time delivery.
Contact Person: Yun Ching, Chen (Accountant)

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