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MING FWU JIUNN has over 30 years of experience in professional milling technique. We never hesitate to be in the front line whenever customers need us. Based on our professional technological background and R&D team, MFJ is capable of offering competitive edge and high quality service to our customers.

We do not only provide solutions to meet our customers’ needs, but also dedicate to molds customization upon customers’ requests with our sophisticated R&D team in order to maintain stable production quality.

Meanwhile, we keep on pursuing further technologies continuously and developing newer processing technology. Our core values include on-time delivery, perfect quality, quicker lead time and satisfying service.

In recent years, MING FWU JIUNN hasn’t stopped expanding the production line and equipment update such as quality inspection equipment.

We maintain in the leading position and are impeccable at handling one-stop service from the beginning as the components to the end as the finished product. By knowing customers’ concerns, we provide competitive prices in order to level down your cost and create the maximum possible efficiency together with you.

Our services include CNC milling process, all types of different material processing and manufacturing such as red copper, aluminum, iron, stainless steel, titanium alloy and plastic products.
Both OEM and ODM services based.

What processing service can we do for you?

1. Lathing
2. Milling
3. Grinding
4. Forging
5. Injection
6. Stamping
7. Plating
8. Anodizing
9. Heat treatment
10. Black oxidation
11. OEM、ODM services

Our products can be applied to:

1. Mobile phone parts , 3C parts, electronic parts,
2. CPU cooling system parts, machines
3. Auto parts, car parts, bicycle parts
4. Lighting parts, LED parts
5. Sanitary equipment parts, household hardware parts
6. Heat sink, all kinds of connectors,
7. Precision metal parts, brake caliper parts, suspension system parts
8. OEM & ODM processing manufacturing process

We are committed to providing the best service possible. As becoming one of your trustworthy global supply chain partners, we’ll do our best and never fail your expectation.


CNC銑床精密加工, 紅銅加工製造, 鋁合金加工製造, 鐵製品加工製造, 鈦合金製品加工製造, 碳纖維製品加工製造, 塑膠製品加工製造, OEM, ODM, 手機零件, 3C零件, 電子零件, CPU散熱系統零件, 汽車零件, 機車零件, 自行車零件, 燈飾零件, LED零件, 五金零件, 散熱片, 銅接頭, 塑膠接頭, 散熱器加工, 精密金屬零件, 紅銅散熱器零件, 不銹鋼零件, 控制臂零件, 剎車卡鉗零件, 懸掛系統零件, OEM加工, ODM加工, 全球供應鏈合作夥伴


員工數: 13
公司成立年: 2007
生產模式: OEM 委託代工 , ODM 設計加工
年營收 (美金): 300000
外銷比例: 20%
外銷市場: 全球
品牌: 明福駿有限公司
資本額 (美金): 85000
公司類型: 製造商, 代工、加工
優勢利基: 1. 嚴格把關產品品質。
2. 為了達到更好的品質,採用TESA的游標卡尺及數位式高度計,更配合了表面粗度比測儀,不論是在尺寸或者產品表面都可以追求更高的標準。
3. 超過30年的加工經驗並長期在台灣在地深耕,並多年來與日本有加工合作,豐富的加工經驗讓我們對自己的技術有相對的信心與把握。
4. 定期進行員工教育訓練,並且導入豐田式管理(TPS、Lean Manufacturing),讓客戶的產品品質、交期更有保障。
公司名稱: 明福駿有限公司
聯絡人: 陳芸青 (會計師)