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Mighty Spraying Technology Co., Ltd.


In year 2015, there were 3 friends whom have been worked in hydraulics more then 20 years, they gathered and made a decision - Transformation. The target of the transformation was searching for a new business chance which is not hydraulic products but relatives to fluid power technology.

In an accidental opportunity, they found their future in airless spraying technology which has widely applied and replaced most traditional air compressor in painting. Airless spraying technology apply high-pressure diagraph pump or high-pressure piston pump to atomize paint. And it is fluid power technology!

Year 2016, Mighty Spraying Technology Co., Ltd. Established. We imported airless
pumps and relative components, and represented the brand of ¡¨ Master Spraying ¡¨ from Italy.

Year 2017, Considering cost and competition also for quality improving, we starts to
developing airless spraying pumps and relative parts.
Year 2018, A new airless diagraph pump- ELEPHAS 500 starting supply in local
market. Another model - EritheliumM1 - High Pressure Injection Pump successfully tested.

Year 2019, Loxodonta 21, the most powerful airless spraying piston pump finished all
testing and presented in Taiwan Hardware show. At the same time, another major project
is processing, the MPD pump, a newmultiple diagraphs pump is in testing - MPD series, The future.

Year 2020, MPD pump has completed all testing. It got patents in Taiwan and hasapplied in HCC high pressure center cooling system.

In the bigging of first five years, Mighty Spraying Technology devoting all of our energy in developing high pressure diagraph pumps. Since year 2021, we will focus in new applications of MPD pumps in all fields, Chemical, Beverage, Water and machinery industries. 5 years later, when you think about diagraph pump you will think about the name of Mighty Spraying Technology Co., Ltd.


Retailing High Pressure Airless Spraying Equipments, Electric Diagraph Pump, Electric-hydraulic Piston Pump, Those pumps are applied in Airless Spraying Paintings and Coatings


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