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Boxco, founded in 1987, is a leading exporter/manufacturer in Taiwan supplying the Auto Accessories & parts, Handtools & Hardwares, Sporting Goods, Electric & Electronic components & parts, Sundries items like as Promotion & preminum, Kitchenware, Household, Health cares & Novelties for As-seen-on-Tv or Mail-order.......at the competitive prices to the world-wide such as USA, Canada, most of European and a few countries in the world.

As a leading supplier in this field, we always devote ourselves to offer reliable and cost effective products that can be made to customer's requirements. So, please keep coming back to check the new images on E-catalog as our images.

We welcome any comments on how could improve our service as we understand how important your assistance and suggestion are.

Our aim is to make your company in position with us as a strong relationship. If you would like to learn more about our products, please feel free to contact us and we will get in touch with you shortly.


Electronic Components, Wire Assemblies, Terminals, Rubber Parts, Tools, Enameled Copper Wires, Equipment for Production of Electronic Components, Electronic Parts, Wire Distribution Devices, Fuses, Breakers & Switches, Power Supplies, Antennas, CATV/MATV Accessories, Audio Systems, Batteries, Chargers & PIllumination Devices & Accessoriearts, Illumination Devices & Accessorie, Pens, Plastic Stationery, Acrylic Stationery, Metal Stationery, Office Supplies, Back-to-school Items, Cards, Photo Albums, Other Stationery, Skiing Equipment, Roller-Skates, In-Line Skates and Skateboards, Sporting Rackets, Bats, Nets, Sports Balls, Tennis Equipment, Golf Equipment, Fitness Equipment, Camping Equipment, Mountaineering Equipmen, Water Sports Equipment, Fishing Equipment, Electronic Gifts, Photo and Picture Frames, Jewelry Boxes, Lighters, Travelling Assembled Sets, Souvenirs, Trophies and Awards, Key Chain, Badges and Plaques, Promotion Items, Electric Drills, Electric Welders, Nailers, Drills, Screwdrivers/Accessories, Vises, Calipers, Spray Guns, Hot-Air Guns, Grease Guns, Glue Guns, Cutting Tools/Accessories, Hydraulic Tools, Tool Boxes/Cases, Hammers/Axes, Grinding Materials/Tools, Strapping tools/Accessories, Electronic Repair Kits, Drilling Knives


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