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Boxco, founded in 1987, is a leading exporter/manufacturer in Taiwan supplying the Auto Accessories & parts, Handtools & Hardwares, Sporting Goods, Electric & Electronic components & parts, Sundries items like as Promotion & preminum, Kitchenware, Household, Health cares & Novelties for As-seen-on-Tv or Mail-order.......at the competitive prices to the world-wide such as USA, Canada, most of European and a few countries in the world.

As a leading supplier in this field, we always devote ourselves to offer reliable and cost effective products that can be made to customer's requirements. So, please keep coming back to check the new images on E-catalog as our images.

We welcome any comments on how could improve our service as we understand how important your assistance and suggestion are.

Our aim is to make your company in position with us as a strong relationship. If you would like to learn more about our products, please feel free to contact us and we will get in touch with you shortly.


电子零件, 橡胶线, 配线, 端子, 接头器材, 漆包铜线, 工具, 电子零组件暨制造设备, 保险丝, 断路器与开关, 电源供应器, 电脑插座, 连接器, 电话机与零件, 晶片/晶片组, 电脑配件, 电视天线, 音响设备, 电池充电器与零件, 照明设备, 工业电脑, 电力设备器材, 笔类, 塑胶制文具, 压克力制文具, 金属制文具, 办公室文具, 学生用品, 卡片, 相簿, 其他文具, 滑雪用品, 溜冰鞋、滑溜板, 球拍、棒、网运动用品, 球类运动用品, 网球用品, 高尔夫球用品, 健身器材, 露营设备, 登山设备, 水上运动用具, 钓鱼用具, 赠品, 证章, 钥匙圈, 纪念品, 奖杯、奖牌, 打火机, 旅行用品组合, 珠宝盒、袋, 相框、画框, 电子礼品, 电钻, 电焊, 打钉机, 钻孔工具, 套筒, 扳手, 手动工具配件, 螺丝起子/配件, 虎钳, 夹钳, 喷枪, 热风枪, 黄油枪, 打糊枪, 裁剪工具/配件, 油压工具, 工具箱/盒, 榔头/铁锤/斧头, 研磨材料/工具, 打包工具/配件, 电子修护工具, 钻孔刀具

公司名称: 全大实业有限公司