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Tzung Wei plastic machinery was established in Hai Liau village, An Din Shiang in 1990. At that time we were very focus to develop and design different kind of plastic extrusion lines, to supply domestic market.

To meet the market increasing demand, in 2000 we moved to the new plant at Si Gang till now.We kept continuous on developing and manufacture all kind of new model marketing oriented plastic extrusion lines.

To meet the needs of customer in high quality and high productivity of plastic extrusion lines, we spend all of our effort increasing our capacity and quality from the very beginning and never have any stop. Lots of new model and special extrusion line with very high efficiency was developed and manufactured for different customers. Our technical level is reached and more and more mutual. We been accepted many domestic plastic manufacture's assignment to provide our own design and assembled extrusion lines. Not only domestic we did export also. That experience wide our globe view too.

With our continuous hard study to develop new and high end plastic lines. We are facing the challenge of future. And do hope to provide customer a full range of technical service as our aim.


Plastics Extruders, PS/PE Foam Extrusion Machine, PVC Profile Extrusion Machine, Foamed Sheet, Tube, Net And Rod Extrusion Line, Recycling Extrusion Line, Profile Extrusion Line, Sheet Extrusion Line, Film Blowing Machine Line, Laminating Line, Pipe Extrusion Line, Pet Mono-Filament Extrusion Line, Pelletizer, PS/PE Foam Extrusion Line, Tandem Foam Sheet Extrusion Line, Horizontal Forced Die-face Cutting Type Recycling Pelletizer, Two Stages Horizontal Forced Type Recycling Pelletizer, Reinfored Machine, Silo, Auto Vacuum Loader, Mixer, Vibrating, Oil Temperature Control Unit, Strand Pelletizer, Foamed Net Manufacturing Equipment, Doubled side Beareing Support Pelletizer


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