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Taiwan Giu Chun plays a lead role in the field of research and manufacturing of crochet knitting machine. We have won high reputation in this line with its faithful managing performance. As we TCH Company established on 1968 which is 40 years achievement. We are selling more than 50 countries around the world in Europe, Russia, Africa, South of America and Asia. We get CE mark, ISO-9001…etc. Currently, we are the maximal crochet knitting machine manufacturing company in Taiwan.

TCH is the crochet and warp knitting machine producer. In the world we represent as the quality manufacturer for machinery to produce lace, plain tapes, upholstery fabrics, fancy yarn, trimming lace, medical bandage, scarf and narrow fabrics for the use in technical and fashion fabrics as well as accessories for daily necessities items. Our machinery is produced under very strict quality control and extremely efficient production line; also have skilled staff with vast experience in the concerned field. We sincerely are dedicated to customer’s suggestions for continuous quality development of our machines.

Looking forward, we will persistently work hard to gain general approval from vast customers, and we believe Taiwan Giu Chun will be your best choice!


Lace and Bond Crocheting Machines, Upholstery Fabric Crocheting Machines, Medical Cord Knitting Machines, Special-Style Lace Crocheting Machines, Computerized Crochet Knitting Machines, Reticulation Knitting Machine, Hook and loop Making Machines, Band Crocheting Machines, Automatic Computerized Upholstery Fabric Crocheting Machines


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