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The prospect and business plan for the development of this year are summarized as following:

The primary operation direction still continues creating stable cash inflow as our main target. For instance of storage media, we, as always, specialize in blu-ray field and provide cloud-end consumers with back-up as our first priority.
For example of 50G dual layers blu-ray disc(BD-RE DL) and 100G triple layers blu-ray disc (BD-R TL) will become the fundamental device of 4K2K TV with high definition. In order to elevate the competitive strategies, we keep extending the market shares of optical disc.
What’s more, green energy environmental solar and touch panel industry will be the second priority. In the meantime, we proactively head towards cultural and creative new industry to compose 4 business units as our enterprise main operative direction. CMC Magnetics Corp. has been engaged in cultural and creative platform, whose channels have been built up for years.
Also, CMC invests in movies and publishes Home Video, etc. CMC has already accumulated decades of experience and connection under the circumstance of vertical integration. CMC will build up entertainment hub on both sides of the strait by means of abundant video and audio resource. Accordingly, we create and enhance the value as well as output of cultural and creative industry to make CMC turn out to be the pioneer of this industry and bring up the entertainment for worldwide Chinese. Hopefully, all shareholders will keep on supporting and caring more. Besides, we expect our management team and everyone else will come to feasible operating results to reward our shareholders in the future.


Blue Ray/Blu-ray Disc, CD ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD


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