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Founded in 1985, GLOSO Tech Inc., acting as a domestic importer for well-known AC/DC switches and circuit protection products, over the years developed into a world class supplier of quality switches and circuit breakers.
In 1996, we set up shop in the City of Dongguang where our factory, TopStone, is in full operation to this day. TopStone also happens to be the name of our flagship brand. We manufacture and assemble our products in-house with the best and the brightest RD, Production and Engineering teams in the industry. We specialize in OEM, ODM and also private label service.
GLOSO’s main headquarters is located in Taipei, Taiwan, with three sales offices in Taiwan, two in China, and two factories in China.
We follow the strictest guidelines in the manufacturing of our products, and our entire inventory meets all the safety requirements of RoHS, ISO, UL, SAE, TUV and ENEC. Our ability to build quality products at superior value remains to be our competitive edge.
Our Products
GLOSO remains to be the authorized representatives for MP (Mechanical Products), Everel and EDK. We also have our flagship brand, TopStone. Our customer base spans the globe, and our products are shipped to Europe, Asia and the USA.
Not only for Hydraulic design CB (A, J and S-Type), but also for Thermal CB (E, L, W) can be supply. Currently, we are proud to present our newest and most advanced products yet: The Ultra Hi-Amp Breaker Family.
Our Commitment
Through the challenges we have faced over the years, we strive to keep on learning. More importantly, we work to provide the best quality at the best price, and maintain long-term partnerships with our clients. GLOSO Tech. is your one stop shop for all kinds of protectors, from 0.5A to 200A selection.

Our ultimate goal is to provide stellar customer service and create products that will set the standard in the industry.


Circuit Breaker, Circuit Protectio, Waterproof, Overload Protect, Motor Protect, Ignition Protect, Switches, Marine, Automotive Aftermarket


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