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DM-5008A5 8路车用混和型数位影像录影机

DM-5008A5 8路车用混和型数位影像录影机




#Embedded HDVRs for all kinds of vehicles, also suitable for safety driving & drive recorder applications
#1-Din design
#Low power consumption
#Detachable DVR host
#Up to 8-CH IP Cam/AHD/TVI/CVI HDVR with hexaplex operation ━ record, live, playback, backup, control, & remote access
#Video compression/decompression with configurable quality
#Digital watermark
#Max record capabilities ━ IP CAM: 240/200fps@1080p/720p,Max 80Mbps incoming bandwidth for IP CAM; Analog: 60fps@8MP-lite, 96fps@5MP-lite, 120fps@4MP-lite/1080p, 160fps@3MP-lite, 120fps@1080p, 240/200fps@1080p-lite/720p/960H
#Max playback capabilities ━ 60fps@8MP-lite, 96fps@5MP-lite, 120fps@4MP-lite, 160fps@3MP-lite, 120fps@1080p, 240/200fps@1080p-lite/720p/960H
#VGA/CVBS output with 3-D de-interlace & de-noise for best picture quality with resolution up to 1920 x 1080
#2.5” internal HDDs (>6TB/HDD) or SSD
#Up to 4 alarm inputs, car speeding pulse input, car engine revolution signal input
#Ethernet and USB 3G dongle support for remote access, with dual streaming support
#Built in G sensor for alarm of acceleration, brake, left/right turn
#Built in GPS to support Google Earth and Google Maps
#Delay Off capability

#DVR browser utility
#Support DDNS Server
#Push alarm notification for portable device
#Two-way audio capabilities
#Audio broadcasting
#Dynamic electronics maps for CMS
#Remote setup, monitoring, backup, alarm notification, & remote software upgrade
#iPhone/iPad/Mac/Android/MS-Windows remote software
#1 I.E./Firefox/Chrome/App for multiple DVRs
#Configurable HTTP/SMTP/FTP/Control/Data port
#Support Google Earth and Google Map
#Support UPnP, P2P and QR code (Optional)
#MS-Windows/iOS/Android SDK for the integration with different applications


Multiplex: Hexaplex operation - simultaneous record, live, playback, backup, control, & remote access

Format: IP-CAM: ONVIF Profile S / T ; Analog: NTSC/EIA or PAL/CCIR or AHD/TVI/CVI
Input: IP-CAM: Up to 8-CH 1080p; Analog: 8-CH AHD/TVI/CVI 8MP, BNC, 1Vp-p/75ohm ; Total Max: 8CH Analog or IP-CAM
Output: VGA: Up to 1920*1080 ; CVBS: NTSC ━ 720*480, PAL ━ 720*576

Input: 2, line-in level (100mV-1Vrms)
Output: 2, line-out level (up to 1Vrms)

Compression: Video: H.265/H.264; Audio: ADPCM
Max frame rate: IP-CAM: 240/200fps@1080p/720p,Up to 80Mbps incoming bandwidth for IP-CAM ; Analog: 60fps@8MP-lite, 96fps@5MP-lite, 120fps@4MP-lite,160fps@3MP-lite, 120fps@1080p, 240/200fps@1080p-lite/720p/960H
Mode: Manual/Schedule/Alarm/Motion/Acceleration/Brake/Speed/Left-Right-Turn
Pre-record time: 0 - 10 seconds
Post-record time: 0 - 60 minutes

Split windows: 1/4/7/9 1/4/7/9
Frame rate: Up to 30/25 FPS per camera
Digital Zoom: X2, X4

Max frame rate: 60fps@8MP-lite, 96fps@5MP-lite, 120fps@4MP-lite, 160fps@3MP-lite, 120fps@1080p, 240/200fps@1080p-lite/720p/960H
Search: Smart search, Date/time, Camera, Alarm, Motion, Video Loss, Collision, Acceleration, Brake, Speed & Left/Right Turn
Operation: Play, Fast Forward, Backward, Pause, Stop, Snapshot, etc.

HDD: 1 set of 2.5” SATA HDD
Backup: 1 SD slot and 1 USB 2.0 port, Self playback for backup files

Input: 4 contact or TTL/CMOS signals, polarity selectable
Output: 1 Normally Open or Normally Closed relay outputs
Triggered by: Sensor input, Video loss, Motion, Collision, Speed, Acceleration, Brake (with built-in G sensor) & Left/Right Turn
Ethernet: 1 RJ-45 10/100BaseT Ethernet connector
3G/4G/5G/WiFi: Support USB Dongel
Protocol: TCP/IP, HTTP, PPPoE, DHCP, DDNS, FTP, TSP, NTP, RTSP, UPnP, P2P (Optional)
Remote: Support Windows 10/8/7, I.E/Firefox/Chrome for DVR, App for Mac/iPhone/iPad/Android phone and Tablet PC

Control / GPS / Car Speed / Engine Revolution
Remote Controller: 1 remote controller through built-in sensor or wired remote sensor
RS-232/RS-485: 1 D-type male connector or 2-pin for PTZ/keyboard control (selected by OSD)
GPS: Built-in; optional antenna
Car speed: 1-pin for car speeding pulse input with configurable parameters or from GPS
Engine Revolution: 1-pin for car engine revolution signal input

System recovery Auto power on after power loss recovery; Watch Dog Timer
Security: Key lock for DVR host; Multi-level password (4 levels, up to 18 accounts)
Operating: shock 8G, 11ms (20 per five seconds max)
Operating vibration With HDD : 5 - 500Hz, 1.65G (0 to peak); With SSD : 5 - 500Hz, 2.7G rms
Moisture proof: With spray coating

Weights & Measures
Dimension / Weight: 178(W) x 210(D) x 50(H)mm / 2.2KG (without HDD)

Source: +12 or +24VDC, with acceptable rang +9.5 - 35VDC
Consumption: Max. 20W without 12VDC output / heater loading
Delay ON/OFF: Yes, with configurable timer
12VDC Out: Up to 2.0 A for all cameras

Operating Temperature: 0oC ~ +50oC, with HDD & optional built-in heater; -15oC ~ +50oC, with SSD & optional built-in heater


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