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HEM & CMS Server


Deeplet CMS software strong design with protection code to guarantee the security on all of video and data. CMS central monitoring can flexible integrate any kind of solution such as GPS/POS/e-Fence smart search /ioT smart home / Access control solution., and provide remote access and video to multiple web browser, HEM client software or mobile app simultaneously. Furthermore, free support user to design the GUI interface by themselves.

HEM (Hyper Electronics Mappers)
 Monitor/control/management all front-end devices in PC stations
# Bi-directional audio capabilities
# Remote video, audio, and alarm input monitoring
# Remote alarm output control
# Remote PTZ control
# Remote GPS/POS function
# Remote software upgrade and setup for devices
# Remote alarm notification to display user-defined hyper electronics map

 Backup/playback video/audio in PC stations
 Print/snapshot live or recorded video
 Open system architecture, custom-made electronics maps for different surveillance requirements

# Maps with hyper-links to custom apps
# Simultaneous monitoring/control of different front-end devices in a single map
# Support versatile dynamic map objects, such as camera, alarm input, alarm output, action button, front-end device, and map
# The bitmaps and icons for each object can be tailored by the users

 Password protection can be enabled/disabled by the user
 Protection key to access front-end devices

CMS Server (HEM + Server Function)
 Built in WEB server for devices and the other PCs to logon
 No public IP or domain name required for all connected devices
 Password protection for the other PCs
 Taiwan R&D and Manufacturing
 OEM version can be customized

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