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产品型号:HEM & CMS Server 原产地:台湾


HEM (Hyper Electronics Mappers)
 Monitor/control/management all front-end devices in PC stations
# Bi-directional audio capabilities
# Remote video, audio, and alarm input monitoring
# Remote alarm output control
# Remote PTZ control
# Remote GPS/POS function
# Remote software upgrade and setup for devices
# Remote alarm notification to display user-defined hyper electronics map

 Backup/playback video/audio in PC stations
 Print/snapshot live or recorded video
 Open system architecture, custom-made electronics maps for different surveillance requirements

# Maps with hyper-links to custom apps
# Simultaneous monitoring/control of different front-end devices in a single map
# Support versatile dynamic map objects, such as camera, alarm input, alarm output, action button, front-end device, and map
# The bitmaps and icons for each object can be tailored by the users

 Password protection can be enabled/disabled by the user
 Protection key to access front-end devices

CMS Server (HEM + Server Function)
 Built in WEB server for devices and the other PCs to logon
 No public IP or domain name required for all connected devices
 Password protection for the other PCs
 Taiwan R&D and Manufacturing
 OEM version can be customized

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电话: 886-2-8226-5288
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