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We promise “ Ico-friendly Design to Encolor Nature” encapsulates our commitment to intimately understand the needs and aspirations of consumers in order to deliver innovative and effective energy-saving solutions.

Iden Technology is an digital lighting control design and manufacture company. Our expertise includes the complete lighting control systems through installation. The systems we provide address extra value and quality, and incorporate an awareness of industrial design in finished and outlook, various configuration options, flexible management tool, and the effective use of energy. Iden Technology client base includes major real-estate developers, corporate entities and the leading architectural firms, lighting device channel
With a diverse staff of in-house R&Ds, Iden Technology is able to provide the most innovative lighting system solutions, plus seamless digital and analog system integration, configuration software program and complete lighting design solutions.

Our services range from lighting system configuration to mixed-up infrastructure automation design, from standard control devices to custom design. Iden has the resources and expertise to support home and commercial lighting designers.
In order to satisfy the needs of various projects for channel partners, designers, etc., we use the industryʼs most current digitalization technology. Quality control within our manufacturing process help to ensure the reliability of our systems, allowing the lighting designers to achieve their projects flexibly and easily. Our lighting system design is grounded in reality makes us providing a natural fit for any designer teams.

Iden Technology serves professional and consumer markets through lighting and automation. Our lighting control system development is dedicated to introducing innovative end-user-driven and energy-efficient solutions, based on a thorough understanding of the customer needs, both in home and commercial context. Our solutions can not only beautify your life but also make your life simpler.

Lighting control enriches the atmosphere of environment and contribute to savings on energy bill. Iden Technology Lighting control system allows to manage home/ building/ parking place by schedule, motion detection, sunrise, sunset and more. Therefore, Iden Technology gives a power for lighting designer to tell as story, a communication tool or similar to dramatically playing drama. With one finger to touch few simple icons to turn lights of home/ building/ parking place on or off or even combined with other systems such as security to come out intelligent mixed-up automation systems. The effects presented and emotional reaction of the nd-user is assumed to depend on context and personal requests. Lighting designer provides more than one emotion and different per project.

Iden Technology is at the forefront of green thinking. We are paving the way towards innovative lighting control system that saves energy and offers a intelligent management of lights so that we can all enjoy a greener future. Managed by Iden lighting control solutions, our green lighting control solutions have the lowest energy consumption in this market.


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