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These are in-depth pre- and post-show reports on major international trade fairs, held in Taiwan and other countries with significant participation by Taiwanese manufacturers and exporters. They are offered to help global buyers and other readers better understand what is going on at the fairs and the latest offerings by Taiwanese exhibitors.

Unique design enables Everlight's SL-SV60A LED bulb for 350-degree rotation.

Taiwan's Lighting Makers Focus on Eco-friendly Products

One maker offers PDA-enabled lighting that also home-scans

May 30, 2013

Taiwanese lighting manufacturers are competing to introduce eco-friendly products as LED (light emitting diode), electrode-less and Internet-controlled ones to attract orders when the green cause continues to gain ever rising importance. Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd., world’s No.1 LED packager by capacity, recently released its 9W SL-SV60A and 15W SL-60...

Sun Lighting constantly introduces new products that meet customers' needs and international standards.

China LED Lighting Industry Grows at Exponential Rate

Falling prices and a move toward quality keep Chinese suppliers booming

May 30, 2013

Industry executives believe that after a decade of sizzling development, the output of mainland China’s light emitting diode (LED) lighting industry will skyrocket to RMB50-75 billion (US$8-12 billion at RMB6.2:US$1) One of the major reasons behind this spectacular growth is that an increasing number of the mainland’s heavyweight lighting manufacturers have integrated locally made LED chips and p...

Lextar's in-house laboratory

Lextar Sharpens Edge with Integrated Manufacturing Capability

LED lighting maker aims to be a world leader in its field

May 30, 2013

Lextar Electronics Co., Ltd. recently unveiled an in-house laboratory that has been certified by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America to LM79 and LM80 standards for the testing of solid state lighting (SSL). The new lab is the first of its kind in Taiwan and another landmark in the company’s effort to strengthen its capabilities in the manufacturing of light emitting diode ...

LEDinside Issues 10 Forecasts for LED Industry in 2013</h2><p class='subtitle'>China relies on talent poaching to offset brainpower shortage</p>

LEDinside Issues 10 Forecasts for LED Industry in 2013

China relies on talent poaching to offset brainpower shortage

May 29, 2013

Although the LED industry underwent many extraordinary developments worldwide last year, market research organization LEDinside, a subsidiary of the Taiwan-headquartered TrendForce Corp., is upbeat about the industry’s development in 2013 and offers 10 forecasts. Expired patents as rejuvenation LEDinside feels that the industry will see new life as many crucial patents held by internation...

The specially-designed label is designed to make shopping for LED lighting foolproof.

User-friendly Label to Better Regulate LED Lamp Quality in Taiwan

May 29, 2013

It seems that eco-conscious consumers in Taiwan have their work cut for them when choosing LED lights. The Industry Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Taiwan Optoelectronics Semiconductor Association (TOSIA) and Taiwan Lighting Fixture Export Association (TLFEA) have introduced a user-friendly factsheet label system to better regulate LED lamp quality in the local market. The system si...

Organization Forecasts LED Lighting Applications to Expand at Sizzling Rate </h2>

Organization Forecasts LED Lighting Applications to Expand at Sizzling Rate

May 13, 2013

Market consulting firm NPD DisplaySearch of the United States forecasts LED lighting market will double from 16 million units in 2012 to an estimated 33 million this year before tripling by 2016 worldwide. In its LED Lighting Market and Forecast Report released on April 16, the organization ascribes the vigorous growth in the market mostly to significant expansion in manufacturing capacity, fa...

Jou compares his candlelight-like OLED (in right hand) with candle light. (Photo courtesy of Prof. Jou)

Materials Science Professor Unveils Friendlier OLED Lighting

Feb 18, 2013

OLED’s blanketing light is better for households than LED’s spot pattern Preliminary results of an ambitious OLED project led by materials scientist Prof. Jwo-huei Jou of the National Tsing-Hua University of Taiwan has been achieved: A small organic light emitting diode (OLED) panel emitting much friendlier correlated color temperature (CCT) than candle’s 1,914 Kelvin with color rendering ...

For LED manufacturers, lighting products seem more promising than backlights. (pictured are LED lamps)

LED Oversupply Switches Attention of Taiwan's Manufacturers to Lighting Market

Feb 07, 2012

Taiwan’s LED (light emitting diode) companies, mostly chipmakers and packagers, are under no illusion that the LED backlight market might rally in 2012 following nearly a year of slump. They are optimistic, however, about prospects for the lighting market this year. Studies by the market research firm LEDInside show that despite lingering uncertainties about the global economy, many of Taiwan’...

Taiwan's LED makers are ramping up production to meet an anticipated market revival. Pictured here is an optoelectronics trade show in Taipei.

Bright Market Outlook Prompts Taiwan's LED Makers to Boost Production

Jan 04, 2012

Taiwan’s light emitting diode (LED) makers are shifting production into high gear in preparation for a predicted market upsurge in the next few years. Digitimes Research, a market consulting firm that tracks information-technology markets, estimates that the global market for LED light bulbs will rise to 2.5 billion units in 2013, up from 596 million this year. Over the same period, the numbe...

Taiwan's LED lighting industry is fighting a tough battle against S. Korea and China. Pictured is Everlight's booth at a Hong Kong lighting trade fair.

Government Urged to Act Quickly to Help Taiwan's LED Industry

Jan 04, 2012

At a conference held in mid-October, specialists from Taiwan’s academia, think tanks, trade bodies and manufacturers unanimously urged the government to take immediate measures before the island’s light emitting diode (LED) industry sinks into the abyss miring the dynamic random access memory (DRAM) and liquid crystal display (LCD) segments, both of which boasted iconic status. They suggest t...