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These are in-depth pre- and post-show reports on major international trade fairs, held in Taiwan and other countries with significant participation by Taiwanese manufacturers and exporters. They are offered to help global buyers and other readers better understand what is going on at the fairs and the latest offerings by Taiwanese exhibitors.

David Lu, director of Forsa, one of the world's most comprehensive suppliers of shock absorbers for PTWs, ATVs, UTVs etc.

Forsa of Southern Taiwan Installs New Production Lines for Customized Shock Absorber Market

Apr 28, 2016

Forsa Enterprise Co., Ltd., already recognized as one of the world's most comprehensive supplier of shock absorbers for motorcycles, scooters, all terrain vehicles (ATVs) etc., has been moving along another direction which is designed to take the maker closer to developing products for a new niche in the future, without interrupting its leader-of-the-pack position in the original core business. ...

Strelka's Tool Book

Strelka's ToolBook:Makes Screwdrivers More Than Hand Tools

Dec 08, 2014

With a tip at one end of the metal shaft and a plastic handle at the other, a screwdriver is one of the earthiest, most commonly used tools with a stereotyped shape in the minds of the public. Strelka’s brand-new ToolBook is designed to give that stereotype a makeover. The ToolBook is a screwdriver set consisting of four screwdrivers and several hex keys, with lots of features to set itself a...

Crispin Wu, Tong Yang's president.

Auto-parts Maker Tong Yang to Invest NT$3B. for Capacity Expansion in 2014

May 30, 2014

By QUINCY LIANG After gaining a solid foothold in China, the world's largest automobile market, Taiwan's major auto-parts maker Tong Yang Industrial Co., Ltd. recently announced that it will focus investment over the next few years on the island. Crispin Wu, Tong Yang's president, said that his company has set up a technical R&D center at its headquarters in Tainan, southern Taiwan, and wil...

Paul Chou (right), secretary general of TTIA.

TTIA Continues To Drive Change in Taiwan's Auto Industry

Local players may soon begin exporting telematics turnkey projects

Oct 04, 2013

Maybe the most important driver of transformation in the local automotive industry, the Taiwan Telematics Industry Alliance (TTIA) was established in late 2010 with the mission to expedite development of the Taiwan telematics industry and strengthen global competitiveness. To such end, the TTIA has been committed to integrating resources, creating added value and business opportunities, and pro...

Frank Tsai (forth left), director of the Smart Network System Institute, is a key promoter of the telematics industry in Taiwan.

Industry Expert Sheds Light on Telematics Development in Taiwan

New technologies offer safer, more convenient, and more comfortable travel

Oct 04, 2013

One well-defined trend in the automotive industry today is the trend toward telematics, and Taiwan is well positions to ride the telematics wave. With a well-developed information and communication technology (ICT) industry and strong support from the government, the island’s telematics industry is struggling to find the niche it needs to become a major player in the global market. Dr. Fran...

Crispin Wu, president of Tong Yang.

Tong Yang President Crispin Wu Comments On Auto-Parts Business

Veteran maker sees many opportunities in China for OE and AM parts suppliers

Oct 04, 2013

Crispin Wu, president of Tong Yang Industrial Co., Ltd., a leading auto-parts manufacturing conglomerate engaged in both original equipment (OE) and aftermarket (AM) parts production and sales globally, recently said the Chinese market will present many lucrative opportunities to both OE and AM parts suppliers, whose opportunities will rise further by increasingly higher market shares of Japane...

Bruce Liu (right), chairman of Camco, and his company's booths at Automechanika Frankfurt, the world's largest auto-parts trade fair.

2013 Performance-Tuning Parts Market to Stay Flat

Online shopping has eliminated need for jobbers and modification shops

Apr 10, 2013

Once maybe the fastest rising segment in the global auto-parts and -accessory market, performance-tuning items attracted intense attention from global buyers and created a booming sector that nourished a big group of suppliers and traders worldwide. However, such prosperous times have passed since the global meltdown in 2008 that sapped consumer confidence. The global performance-tuning auto...

In-car infotainment systems displayed in the 2012 Guangzhou International Auto Parts and Accessories Exhibition 
(Auto Guangzhou).

Status Quo of Automotive-electronic Industry Segment In China

Chinese makers must choose the right foreign partners to advance technically

Apr 08, 2013

The booming automobile market in China has been attracting an increasing number of international automakers to invest in the high-potential market, and the capital and technical injection from the major global players have been expanding the production and upgrading technical levels in China's automotive industry, as well as creating a huge demand for automotive-electronic parts and components. ...

Italian PTW brands are still

ANCMA in Italy Pleads for Official Action Amid PTW Market Woes

Director general encourages younger people to use PTWs as daily transport

Sep 26, 2012

Besides the often reported financial woes besetting Italy, the largest powered two-wheeler (PTW) market in Europe has also been suffering steadily dropping sales that are threatening its long-established PTW industry, one that may have given the world the iconic Vespa and blueprints for the show-stopping Ducati, with enough gravity to motivate many operators and trade associations to devise way...

Gary Lin, Eagle Eyes' assistant VP, announces an expansion of one of the company's two factories in Taiwan.

Auto-Parts Makers Talk About Plans at 2012 Taipei AMPA and Autotronics Taipei

One maker offers wide ranging lamps to Korean makes and models

Aug 29, 2012

At the 2012 Taipei Int'l Auto Parts & Accessories Show (Taipei AMPA) and Taipei International Automobile Electronics Show (AutoTronics Taipei), held April 11-14 in Taipei and the largest automotive parts show in Asia, global visitors generally expect and do find a host of suppliers capable of meeting buyers’ various demands, and it wasn’t an exception this year as over 1,000 exhibitors were on ha...