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展覽日期: 2010/11/02~2010/11/04
展出地點: 金沙會展中心
美國 拉斯維加斯
CENS 攤位號: 8417, 8418

Whether it’s to see new products, meet with suppliers, attend educational sessions, or network with colleagues, there are many great reasons to attend the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX).

The AAPEX badge also allows access to the SEMA Show, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center the same week as AAPEX. All the people and products are in one location at AAPEX, making it the industry best value for products, networking and education.

Nearly 2,000 exhibitors from around the world occupy more than 4,000 booths, giving buyers the opportunity to see just about every product in the automotive aftermarket at AAPEX. The top domestic branded products and every brand of replacement part are at AAPEX, including suspension and front-end products, engines, engine parts and fabricators, paint and body products, and heat transfer and mobile air conditioning products and parts. There also are globally recognized brands, and the leading suppliers of chemicals and lubricants at AAPEX.

The AAPEX Inside Track Education Program is being expanded this year with approximately 24 sessions, including "The 2010 Aftermarket Outlook," presented by The NPD Group, and "The New Change in the Vehicle Market: What Does it Mean to You," led by R.L. Polk & Co. Sessions also will cover the current credit market, telematics, technology trends, customer retention, selling parts for imports, shop profitability and marketing on a shoestring budget.

  • 台灣車輛零配件總覽


    2021-04 版

    對國內的汽車、機車、特種車輛零配件暨維修工具和製造設備等廠商資料,有著鉅細靡遺的介紹,此書早已在國內外市場上建立屹立不搖的信譽。 台灣車輛零配件總覽一年二期,出刊月分別為四月及九月,敬請期待。

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    2021-03 版

    在找手工具及其他手工具相關產業之產品嗎?千萬不要錯過「台灣手工具年鑑」。這本書讓您對台灣手工具產品有深入而完整的報導,內容包羅萬象,輕鬆找到您想要採購的商品,想要得到外國買主的注意嗎?快來跟我們聯絡,一起將您的高品質產品外銷到全球! ...(更多)