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FZtech Inc. to Release New Lights at Taipei lighting fair

FZTech Inc. will roll out several advantageous LED lamps at the upcoming Taiwan International Lighting Show (TILS), including a family of panel lights, flood lights, and T8 light tubes. The panel lights, codenamed PL060-01-52, measure 60cm x 60cm. They are pendant types. The flood lights are ava... 詳全文

Fztech Inc.--4-inch LED downlights

Fztech Inc. has announced a family of 4-inch LED downlights, dubbed as FZL-DL04-00, as replacement for 4-inch halogen recessed downlight. The LED lights come with advanced guide technology and low-power LEDs, giving smooth light and cost efficiency. The lights assure maximum life of 20,000 h... 詳全文

FZtech Inc.--Smart LED lamps

FZtech Inc. is promoting a collection of FZLED-branded LED lamps, including MR16, PAR20, PAR30, PAR38, GU60 and light tubes, all featuring the company's switch-controlled dimming technology and static-electricity resistance technology. A specially designed switching IC adjusts dimming intensity ... 詳全文

Fztech Inc.--T8 LED light tubes, MR16 light bulbs

Fztech Inc. is promoting its T8 LED light tubes, which are completed with surface mount device (SMD) packaging technology. The tubes are available in two feet, four feet and five feet in length, with 9 watts to 25.5 watts in power rate. Input voltage ranges from 90 to 260 alternating current (AC). ... 詳全文

FZTech Inc.--LED T8 tube, LED MR16, LED torch, LED light bar

FZTech Inc. was founded in August 2009 by a team of three world-class researchers and five factory owners. The firm’s technological expertise lies in specialized thermal theory, skived fin, extrusion, metal parts and LED (light emitting diode) lighting technologies, mechanism design, test and verifi... 詳全文

公司名稱: 鑫旭科技股份有限公司
聯絡人: 洪雅慧 (行銷)
周君美 (業務)