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Shock Tilt Vibration Sensor
Shock Tilt Vibration Sensor

Model:RBS02 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

1.Horizontal Tilt Detecting
2.Vertical Rotation Detecting
3.Shock Detectin

1.Screen Rotation
2.Web Camera
3.Alarm System
4.Iron Position Detecting
5.Bicycle lights flashing
6.Step Counter

1.Tiny size, suitable for small space.
2.Wing-shaped terminals, a feature enables half body of the sensor switch to be buried into PCB.
3.No electricity consumption during detection status.
4.Gold-plated ball and terminals, low possibility of oxidization.
5.All plastic materials subject to industrial purpose, resist high temperature and meet fireproof function.
6.Simple ON and OFF signals, easy for design.
7.RoHS compliance, an ideal substitute for mercury switch.
8.A more economical tilt and rotation detection option than IC design solution.
9.Switch state: Normal open

1.TAIWAN Patent NO. 168028
2.TAIWAN Patent NO. 195196

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