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Optical Tilt Sensor
Optical Tilt Sensor

Model:RBS3109 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

1.Tilt Detecting within a 360° radius
2.Slight Vibration Detecting

1.Rotation detection for LCD monitor
2.Automatically shut off for home appliances
3.Automatically shut off for Sporting equipment
4.Automatically shut off for motorbike
5.Alarm system
6.Anti-theft / Anti-tamper devices
7.Being motion detection (personal locator)
8.Wake up systems for power saving, such like remote controllers
9.Earthquake Detecting

1.Housing made of high insulation plastic material, free from electric conduction and rust problem.
2.Detecting with photo transistors, generating highly reliable and stable signals.
3.All plastic materials subject to industrial purpose, resist high temperature and meet fireproof function.
4.Simple ON and OFF signals, easy for design.
5.Suitable to vertical PCB.
6.Tilt Angles: 15°, 20°, 30°, and 45° within a 360° radius.
7.RoHS compliance, an ideal substitute for mercury switch.
8.A more economical tilt and vibration detection option than IC design solution.
9.All made in Taiwan and examined before shipment.

1.Taiwan Patent No. I 310952
2.Taiwan Patent No. 181431
3.USA Patent No. US 6,800,841 B1
4.USA Patent No. US 7,402,791 B2
5.China Patent No. ZL 200610083013.5
6.China Patent No. ZL 200820126206.9
7.Japan Patent 4384217
8.Japan Patent No. 3148127

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