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Tilt Sensor
Tilt Sensor


Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Rotation Detecting for 4 directions in vertical.

1.Screen rotation for portable 3C products

1.Housing made of high insulation plastic material, free from electric conduction and rust problem.
2.Detecting with photo transistors, not affected by metal oxidization or wear。 Possesses highly reliable and stable signals.
3.All plastic materials subject to industrial purpose, resist high temperature and meet fireproof function.
4.Simple ON and OFF signals, easy for design.
5.Suitable to vertical PCB.
6.RoHS compliance, an ideal substitute for mercury switch.
7.A more economical tilt and rotation detection option than IC design solution.
8.All made in Taiwan and examined before shipment.

1.Taiwan utility model Patent No. M 397113
2.China utility model Patent No.ZL 2010 2 0272893.2

●DIMENSIONS / OPERATION / P.C.B. LAYOUT (Unit: mm, Tolerance: ±0.20mm)
Tilt angle range
1 element with respect to the space Z axis inclination angle α is within 30 °, can be
normal actuation.
2. Component rotation angle Θ exceeding 75 °, the output signal will be switched1.

1.Caution should be taken not to overload with instantaneous voltage at the turning ON and OFF of the circuit.
2.When using the pulse drive care must be taken to keep the average current with the rate figures.
3.Avoid close to or direct circuit connect to magnetic devices. ( ex: Relay, transformer …and so on)
4.Don’t try to clean the switch with a solvent or similar substance after the soldering process.
5.The switch might be damaged if using the water-soluble flux.

1.In order to avoid the absorption of moisture, it is recommended to solder as soon as possible after unpacking the sealed bag.
2. If the bag is still sealed, to store it in the environment as following:
(1) Temperature: 5℃ - 30℃ (40°F) ;
Relative humidity: RH 60% MAX.
(2) After the packaging bag is opened to perform the IR reflow or soldering process, the necessary conditions are as below:
a. Completed within 168 hours
b. Stored at less than 30% RH.
(3) If parts is being unable to conform to condition of (2)a or (2)b, it must be baking before it goes to welding again.
(4) If baking is required, device must be baked under below condition:
48 hours at 60℃+/-3℃.

1.If the products is intended to be used for other endurance equipments requiring higher safety and reliability such as life support system, space and aviations devices, disaster and safety system, it’s necessary to make verification of conformity or contact us for the details before using.

For the continued product improvement as one of the company policy, specifications may change or update without notice. The latest information can be obtained through our sales offices. Normally, all products are supplied under our standard conditions.

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