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One Component PU Foam-pipe Type

One Component PU Foam-pipe Type

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Detail Specifications / Descriptions

* Volume: 340ml /500ml /750ml
* Packaging: 12 cans/box
* Creates insulation in heat, sound, and electricity, it is also water and shock proof.
* Nontoxic after the formation, meets environmental standard (RoHS Standard).
* Fireproof (B3 level), meets CNS7774 A2108 Standard, and it is self-extinguishable.
* High percentage of yield lowers both the labor and material cost.
* The high density uniform cellular structure makes the foam able to sustain high pressure.
* Smooth surface.
* Shape can be modified by cutting after it dry, color can be applied on.
* Works perfectly in perpendicular condition as well.

One Component PU Foam-pipe Type
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