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193 Dry Film Lubricant
193 Dry Film Lubricant

Model:DI50 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

* 420ml
* 12cans/box
* Applies to any industry that needs the long-term dry lubrication.
* Use in high-end furniture, e.g.: sliding door track, extrapolation type window, drawer track, and other track of indoor furniture.
* Suitable for mechanical lubrication at dusty place, ex: mining equipment.
* Excellent for metal, plastic, rubber, lumber, leather, etc.
* Smooth, dustproof, fine coherency, long-lasting lubrication effect.
* Heat resistant range: -22~572 degrees Fahrenheit(-30~300 degrees Celsius)
* Water, greasy dirt, acid, and alkali resistant.

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