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We are the leading manufacture of aerosol products in Taiwan. For the past 25 years, our professional quality and competitive price have earned us the number one brand name in Taiwan.
Our Vision:
1. Dedicate in R&D; aim to be innovated in new products.
2. Strive ourselves to the highest quality, more competitive price and best customer service.
3. Provide products which meet the environmental standard and pass SGS inspection.
4.Targeting Markets: DIY market, construction industry, auto repair and maintenance, construction industry, and specialized industry chemical products.
We will continue working diligently to develop new products, and deliver a high quality product with better service to our customers.


Puff Dino Spray Paint, Luminous, Water Gel, Puff DINO Luminous Paint, Puff Dino Luminous Spray Paint, Durable Luminous Color Water Gel, Puff Dino 191 Lubricant, Puff Dino 192 Super grease, Puff Dino Spray Paint (58 colors) 400ml, High Temperature Spray Paint (3 colors), Puff Dino Pu Foam, Glowing In The Night, Spray Paint, Paint, One Component Pu Foam, Polyurethane Foam, Auto Lubricant, Anti Rust, Chain Lubricant, Glow in the Dark Paint, Dry Lubricant, Bicycle Cleaner, Bicycle Lubricant, Water Base Paint, Puff Dino, Metal Polish, Car Care Tool, Spray Grease, Bicycle Repair, Sealant, Adhesive, Building Tape, High Heat Paint, Car Cleaner


Year Established: 1986
Export Market: Global, The Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia (Except China), North America, Mainland China, Central & South America, Australia/New Zealand
Brand Name: PUFF DINO
Business Type: Manufacturer, Importer, Exporter, Trading Company
Competitive Advantages: * Innovation
* High Quility Control
* Competitive Price
Approvals / Certifications: ISO9001, RoHS
Contact Person: Julia Ni

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