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ARCS Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is the professional manufactory for Ultra precision equipment in Taiwan. There are linear scale, Digital Readout, Non-Contact Measuring System and Coordinate Measuring System. It is the only manufactory has the ability of Electronic Control, mechanism design and software design in Taiwan.
ARCS CNC non-contact video measuring system, through the optical system to capture the image, the measuring speed is 10 times faster than the traditional design. It could reduce the measuring time and increase the efficiency. And complete fit the function of geometric measuring. The humanized design is very easy to use. Let the operator spend short time for leaning. The design got the SBIR award off ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) in Taiwan in 2007.
All application of ARCS Non-contact measuring system (Optical measuring system) could use it to perform high precision measurements. Then reach the purpose of developing the technology of related manufactory and making the high quality of their products.
In order to offer the total service for customers, ARCS strengthened the technical cooperation, established length of calibration laboratory (TAF) which is reaching CNLA standard in 2006. To offer the high accuracy product, reliability quality, develop the creation technology and offer the satisfaction service to customers all the time. It is same as the brand “ARCS”. (Accuracy, Reliability, Creation and Satisfactions) (http://www.arcs.com.tw)

Contact office: 11F-1, No. 123, Taichung Port Rd., Sec. 3, Shitun Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan, 407


Non-Contact Video Measuring System, Portable Non-Contact Video Measuring System, Coordinate Measuring Machines, Linear Scale, Digital Readout


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