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YAO HAN specializes in various kinds of industrial sewing machine's parts in the world since 1975. Our superior products are well-known over 100 countries worldwide.

We are not only capable to improve the technology but also to renew the facilities constantly. Especially, the usage of automatic machinery and precision measurement instrument on production line makes our products far more progressed in quality.

"Customer First" is always company No. 1 principle we follow. Being character of both manufacturer and exporter, best products and services are always supplied and insisted by us! At present, there are m ore than 60,000 kinds of sewing machine spare parts and accessories in stock for clients to choose. In addition, we also accept to produce Customer's special-design requested items.

Best services and products are insisted by US. At present.

Selling to Over 100 Countries, All Kinds of Industrial Sewing Machines and Spare Parts
Various Portable Bag Closer Machine (Innovation, Technology, Service)


Bag Closer with Conveyor System, Filling / Packaging Machine for Food, Handy Sealer, Integrated Packaging Line System, Packaging Machinery, Plastic Bag Making & Sealing Machine, Various Of Bag Closing Machines, (Capable to Cut Tape) Automatic Bag Closing with Conveyor, Sliding Board Closing Machine, Direct-Drive High Speed Roller, Postbed Lock Stitcher (1-Needle), Postbed Lock Stitcher (2-Needle), Heavy-duty Carpet Overedging Machine, Equipped Taping Attachment, Bag Close for Heavy Use (2-Thread), Equipped Automatic Air Pressure Capable to Cut Thread & Tape, 1-Needle 2-Thread, Pneumatic Roary Knife Cutting Thead Only, High Speed Bag Closing Heads with Auto-Lubrication System (For Plain Sew.), Spare Parts and Accessories for Sewing Machines, Heavy-Duty Industrial Sewing Machine, Over Edging on Carpet and Abutted Seam, High Speed Fringing Machines for Carpet (Right-Hand), Blind Stitch Machine, Overlock Machine, High Speed Overlock Stitch Machine, 2-Needle Lockstitch Postbed Sewing Machine in Combination with Wheel feed/ Needle Feed and Driven Roller Foot, Industrial Sewing Machine for Garment Uses, Other Sewing Equipments, Automatic Foot Lifter, Cutting Room Equipments, The Supplementary Devices for Sewing Machine, Pneumatic Cycle Switch, iPhone 4/ HTC Cell Phone Case, iPhone 4 Border Edition, iPhone 4 Hair Back Version, iPhone 4 Mashup, HTC Incredible S S710 Cell Phone Case


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