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Latest Facial Tissue Machinery - 14 Lanes
Latest Facial Tissue Machinery - 14 Lanes

产品型号:CB228 14T 原产地:台湾 颜色:White Color


Detailed Product Description

Latest Facial Tissue Machinery-14 Lanes
Facial Tissue:95mmx200mm
Tissue Jumbo Roll:2800mm
Facial Tissue:13gsm/1ply
CE award

Latest Facial Tissue Machinery - 14 Lanes

Over View
Latest Facial Tissue Machinery - 14 Lanes

When rewinding 2800mm jumbo roll at the rewinder jumbo roll machine, both cost payment- according to produce 1 ply jumbo roll to be 2 ply ━ and cost time to wait slit 2800mm jumbo roll to be manifold jumbo roll to be small jumbo roll.

There were certain demands for well-organized tissue company which the new 2800mm facial tissue machine had to satisfy: efficient surges in capacity with 2800mm jumbo roll, highly efficient eliminate extra cost expenditure. Furthermore, the 2800mm facial tissue machine that point of 2 ply jumbo roll work out for 1 ply jumbo roll was to be over changed in economic.

Smart Features
The CB228 2800mm features includes

Jumbo Roll stand with 4 units
Paper Tension Control system monitor
Embossing roll pattern design customize
Edge Embossing roll assistance
Digital Counting sensors readout
Product Output panel

Professional Facial Tissue Machine Features

Machine Module
CB228 14T

Jumbo Roll Dimension

Jumbo Roll Diameter

Jumbo Roll Material Qualify
Paper Basic Weight: 12~13 gsm/1 ply
Paper Material:100% pure paper
Jumbo Roll Paper Core: 10 inches

Interfold Style
V Fold

Unfold Dimension

Interfold Dimension

Slitting Knives
2 units

Machine Design Speed

Operate Speed

Design Product Capacity
10,000 sheets/min

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联络人: 陈圆淇 (业务)