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High Speed Facial Tissue Machine
High Speed Facial Tissue Machine

产品型号:CH228 原产地:台湾


Detailed Product Description

Wallet Facial Tissue Machine produce mini size facial tissue production which can take it at hand, put it in bags conveniently.


Wallet Facial Tissue Machine is designed by mini size jumbo roll, to interfolded tissue paper, to shaped, to cut, to mix with fragrant, then it is able to produce portable mini-facial tissue productions.

This equipment also suitable the beginning tissue company to lunch their tissue production,
This machine size is easy to locate in tissue factory. Moreover, the macro-adjustment facility are devoted to maintain machine low breakdown, low waste paper, and low cost to product mini-facial tissue productions.


1. Featuring mini jumbo roll and the same speed for superior tissue production and advanced
2. Having the benefit in a whole new level of interactivity. At the touch of electronic control
panel, adjust machine internal functions, knives and interfold fingers, or readjust the product
capacity through electronic control panel.
3. Breathe a new working experience into your tissue market and the facial tissue machine
shows with the integrated power drive, built-in powerful motor, full red eyes monitor and high
performance auto paper tension control.
4. Simply one control panel near by facial tissue machine and the machinist choose the best
direction to manage the working process. In addition to the easy and intuitive set-up, benefit
from a machinist is easy to monitor the whole working process condition.


Facial Tissue Machine Items

Facial Tissue Machine Model
CH228 AIOP1400

Facial Tissue Machine Inquiry Jumbo Roll Qualify:
Facial Tissue Basic Weight: 12~15 gsm
Facial Tissue Paper Material: 100% pure paper or 100% recycle paper
Jumbo Roll Paper Core: 3”
Jumbo Roll Width: 1400mm(W)
Jumbo Roll Diameter: 1200mm( Ø)
Jumbo Roll Ply Number: 2 ply

Facial Tissue Product Folding Style
V Fold

Facial Tissue Product Dimension
Unfold Facial Tissue: 200mm(L)x200mm(W)
Interfold Facial Tissue:100mm(L)x200mm(W)

Machine Design Speed
100~120 M/min

Actual Operation Speed
100 M/min

Facial Tissue Product Capacity
7000 sheets/min

Machine Require Power
AC Motor: 10 HP x 1 unit
Vacuum Pump: 40 HP x 1 unit

Log Saw
100 cuts/min

CPP Packing Machine
60 packages/min

公司名称: 侨邦机械有限公司
联络人: 陈圆淇 (业务)