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Printing Facial Tissue Paper Making Machine - 7 lines
Printing Facial Tissue Paper Making Machine - 7 lines



Detailed Product Description

Printing Facial Tissue Paper Making Machine includes printing color system which lets facial tissue products more attractive.

CH228 7T Over View:

CH228 7T is an extremely assembled by a durable quality raw material and with good quality modular elements. Ideal for perfect interfold facial tissue, CH228 7T guarantees our tissue machine could dynamic efficiency interfold at high performance. Removable intuitive interface can assistance machinists adjust machine easier. Using advantaged technology, CH228 7T stores web guide, web tension, sensors, changeover embossing rolls, digital counting, and slitting run knives. All of these accessory modules endorse facial tissue factory would manufacture valuable facial tissue products in the tissue market.

CH228 7T will growth its product capacity ability if it combines with various essential devices to be “All-In-One” converting line system. “All-In-One” system would significant labor cost reduction, shrink tissue paper outcome time, and accomplish the whole well-organized working process achieve.

CH228 7T Feature:

Prepare to Increase Product Capacity Facial Tissue Products.

The most flexibility to suit regular facial tissue factory:

- Improved functionality to support tissue paper smooth going, interfold tidy and embossing visibly.

- New application with extended raw material

- Synchronization operates from jumbo roll to finished tissue products.

- Improved ways of increasing products is integrate with essential device as “All-In-One” produce system.

- It manufactures a great facial tissue products possibilities

- Wide range of cutting raw material to be V Fold Production (Tissue Paper, Non-Woven, Napkin Paper, and Hand Towel Paper)

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