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Facial Tissue Folding Machine - 3 lines
Facial Tissue Folding Machine - 3 lines

产品型号:CH228 3T


Detailed Product Description

Facial Tissue Folding Machine assemble " Embossing Roll Device", & "Edge Embossing Rolls" to produce double puffy facial tissue.

CH228 3T Over View:

CH228 3T is the economy facial tissue machine with minimum jumbo roll. It is very widely chosen by the beginners who would like to enter household tissue paper products business. The CH228 3T allows interfold 2 kind of jumbo roll materials, such as “Facial Tissue Jumbo Roll” & “Hand Towel Jumbo Roll”. In other words, it could produce 2 different tissue products in the market. CH228 3T is available in changing configurations and options in accordance with customer specific demand.

CH228 3T Feature:

Save your Cost & Easy to Manage

The best investment brings profits to you:

-Improved internal structure functionality with interfold perfect facial tissue products

-New slitting knives application with solid material

-Automatic synchronization of tissue machine is combined with electronic control panel
and internal equipment

-Improved ways of high speed interfold, tidy interfold, beautiful cut for the final tissue

-Upgrade of interfolding” Facial Tissue Machine- V Fold” and “Hand Towel Paper Machine- V Fold”

-Machine internal function could dependent on customer specific requirement

CH228 3T Technical Data:

Facial Tissue Machine Items

Facial Tissue Machine Model
CH228 3T

Facial Tissue Machine Inquiry Jumbo Roll Qualify:
Facial Tissue Basic Weight: 12~15 gsm
Facial Tissue Paper Material: 100% pure paper or 100% recycle paper
Jumbo Roll Paper Core: 3”
Jumbo Roll Width: 600mm(W)
Jumbo Roll Diameter: 1200mm( Ø)
Jumbo Roll Ply Number: 2 ply

Facial Tissue Product Folding Style
V Fold

Facial Tissue Product Dimension
Unfold Facial Tissue: 190mm(L)x200mm(W)
Interfold Facial Tissue:95mm(L)x200mm(W)

Dispenser Knife
2 slitting knife

Machine Design Speed
100~120 M/min

Actual Operation Speed
100 M/min

Facial Tissue Product Capacity
3000 sheets/min

Machine Require Power
AC Motor: 15 HP x 1 unit
Vacuum Pump: 20 HP x 1 unit

公司名称: 侨邦机械有限公司
联络人: 陈圆淇 (业务)