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Smartphone Remote Control & GPS Tracker (GPS/GPRS/GSM Tracking System with RS232 Data Port)
Smartphone Remote Control & GPS Tracker (GPS/GPRS/GSM Tracking System with RS232 Data Port)

产品型号:SM200GPRS 原产地:台湾


● Locate and show where the vehicle is by using Google Maps on a smartphone from anywhere in the world, remotely lock/unlock doors, open trunks, starter cut, start or stop the engine, arm/disarm the security system, and receive alarm alerts and status checks using iPhone and Android OS smartphones. .
● Provides real-time vehicle locating on smartphone via Google Maps.
● Tracks and shows trip/operation/alarm triggers history on smartphone or PC/NB.
● Icons display vehicle status, alarm trigger and vehicle information on smartphone.
● SOS emergency alert.
● Use Swiss made CE & FCC approval ublox GSM & GPS modules to ensure good reliability (not Chinese made module)
● Build-in rechargeable battery, power disconnect alert.
● One phone can control 3 cars.
● One car can be remote control by multi-phone.
● Master and private functions selectable.
● Safety login code for smartphone, password for main unit.
● Extra functions available:
geo fence, over speed warning, park car/find car, parking time count down and warning, driving recording…
● GSM850/900/1800/1900 MHz frequency.
● Build-in acceleration sensor, power save design, static current only about 8 mA.
● Comes with 1-3 years free tracking server except GPRS data SIM card.
● Can work with 1-way or 2-way alarm/starters that have data port.
● Can work with any OE or aftermarket alarms or keyless entry.
● Can work with the VH740 engine starter kits to remote start engine by smartphone.
● Can work with UG200D upgrade alarms by using an OE remote and smartphone.
● Can work with CANbus/OBD II interface module to link to a car’s CANbus for remote control and display vehicle information on smartphone.

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