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LCD Display 2-Way Alarm & Starter with Super Slim Module
LCD Display 2-Way Alarm & Starter with Super Slim Module

产品型号:2960RSDP-284RS 原产地:台湾


● Concealed antenna 2-way LCD display handset
● 7 colors LCD backlight
● 1,000 meters (3300 feets) long pager range
● LCD icons display: lock, unlock, sensor bypass, silent alarm, valet mode, hood/trunk/door open/sensor/ignition/zone 4 triggers, transmitting mode, in range indicator, out of range indicator, check mode, engine cranking, engine running, timer control start, daily start, temperature start, turbo timer, manual gear, anti-hijack mode, CH1/2/3/4/5/6, time monitor, alarm clock, parking timer, battery level check, beeper/melody/vibration modes, status, car battery voltage, hood temperature, car select, LCD color selection, button lock, power save
● Super slim control module with 7-pc super mini hi-power relay build-in
● GSM & CAN bus 2 data ports available. It can link to SM200 smartphone tracking system and CAN bus interface module
● Include 1-pc 2-Way LCD display HHU and 1-pc 1-way transmitter
● Code-hopping, anti-graber, anti-scanner
● Code-learning new transmitter codes and erase lost transmitter codes
● 4-pc engine start relay build-in
● Remote engine start
● Daily start
● Periodically start
● Temperature start
● Automatic/manual transmission selection
● Safety procedure for manual transmission vehicle start
● Gasoline or diesel engine selection
● RPM learning
● RPM/voltage/generator/time delay engine start detection
● Push-button start vehicle selection
● Turbo timer
● Arm with engine running
● 2-pc door lock relay build-in with 6-wire output for universal door lock interface
● 1-pc light flash relay build-in
● Positive & negative door open/hood open/trunk open/ignition key On/sensors triggers
● 2-stage shock sensor
● 2 sensors inputs
● Arm and disarm
● Lock and unlock
● Arm with sensor bypass
● Silent arm/disarm
● Trigger zone display
● Auto rearm
● Passive arm/arming reminder/passive lock with passive arm
● Immobilizer mode
● 2-stage unlock
● Ignitions lock/unlock
● Car finder
● Trunk release
● Channel 1~6 outputs
● Panic
● Anti-hijack
● Valet mode
● Valet switch override
● PIN code override and new PIN code programmable
● Manual arm
● 28 programmable functions

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