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Color Touch-Screen Display 2-Way Alarm & Starter with GSM/CANbus Data Port
Color Touch-Screen Display 2-Way Alarm & Starter with GSM/CANbus Data Port

产品型号:TS11 原产地:台湾


Remote Alarm Features
● 2-way 2.19" full color LCD Touch-Screen display handset
● Concealed Antenna
● Radio and infrared both ways remote control
● Super long range pager remote control
● Confirm the commands and respond triggers on the color Touch-Screen display and by
● voice & vibrate motor
● 2 different languages & voices selection
● Uniquely animated status, functions & alerts confirmation
● 8 programmable different graphic backdrops which can be updated by users
● 4 cars operation available and different names registration
● Rechargeable long battery stand-by with USB/home charger
● 8 separate trigger zones, including two 4-pin sensor ports
● Programmable timer control channel 4/5/6 output
● Button Beeper/Vibration/Voice/Button Lock enable or disable selection
● Status/Temperature/Voltage/Trigger check
● Separate Silent Arm/Silent Disarm/Arm Without Zone 4/Anti-Hijact or Panic operation selection
● Time/Alarm Clock/Daily Start Time/Count Down Time setting
● Park Time Counting/Parking Position memo
● 2nd unlock output available
● Disarm & rearm output available for factory alarm disarm & rearm
● Passive Arm/Passive Lock/Lock Timing/Ignition Lock ... over 40 remote programmable features
● Build-in door lock relays for universal central lock interface and light flash relays
● Trunk POP & dome Light outputs
● Car call
● Manual arm
● Valet mode and valet switch override
● PIN code override & new PIN code programmable
● Lost & found
● Option garage door remote control
● Option Aircondition electricity power or lights remote control
● Option TV/DVD/PC/Aircondition remote control
● Compass

Engine Start Features (For model with engine start function)
● Remote engine start
● Daily/Periodical/Low temperature engine start
● Build-in 4 relays for remote engine start
● Available for Auto/Manual transmission vehicles & Gasoline/Diesel engine
● Safety proceduce for manual transmission engine start
● Tacho meter/voltage/Generator/Time delay engine start detection
● Start 2 output available for special vehicle remote engine start
● Keep engine running
● Turbo timer

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