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Industry Reports

Taiwan Aims for Bigger Role in Manufacturing</h2>

Taiwan Aims for Bigger Role in Manufacturing

May 25, 2020

“Taiwan will utilize domestic demand, particularly demand from the public sector and national security needs, as the fuel for our industrial development,” The president Tsai Ing-wen said.The president added that Taiwan would aim to create a strategic materials manufacturing industry with vital industrial chains onshore to ensure self-sufficiency in producing medical and daily supplies, energy and...

Taiwanese Fastener Industry Accelerates Smart Manufacturing</h2>

Taiwanese Fastener Industry Accelerates Smart Manufacturing

Apr 27, 2020

Many industries have been affected by the prevalence of the COVID-19 pandemic. On top of the government’s industrial relief and revitalization policy, many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) should think about how to accelerate the deployment for “digital transformation”, including digital application services, products, and related digital tool technology. Taiwan plays an important role in the ...

Industrial Production Yet to Impact Taiwan due to Coronavirus</h2>

Industrial Production Yet to Impact Taiwan due to Coronavirus

Mar 09, 2020

Taiwan’s industrial production surprised on the upside even though it continued to contract. The impact of the coronavirus has yet to be fully reflected in the data. Industrial production fell just a little.Taiwan‘s industrial production shrank by just 1.51% year-on-year, better than the consensus estimate of -4.0%. One important factor is that 5G infrastructure has pushed up growth in the ...

Industry In-Focus

Yang Light's modern factory located in Changhua County, central Taiwan, capably rolls out a variety of quality-approved parts for industrial application.

Yang Light a Rising OEM of Industrial Parts

Versatile maker's boldness helped build recognition and competitiveness

Mar 03, 2017

Taiwan-based OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) have become veritable classic business models in world trade, able to take on just about any order in any volume made according to customers’ specifications, and thus have been recognized by foreign customers as the most trustworthy production arms. Yang Light Engineering Company is one such typical OEM in Changhua County, central Taiwan, who...

Formosa Plastics Group starts process to invest in building the fourth ethane cracker complex in the U.S. to boost ethylene output (photo courtesy of UDN.com).

Formosa Plastics Group of Taiwan Starts Investment to Build Ethane Cracking Plant in Louisiana, USA

Project targets raising to 80% overseas investment from current 25%

Feb 22, 2016

Taiwan-based Formosa Plastics Group, the high-profile conglomerate set up in 1958 that produces petrochemicals and plastics, has kicked off an investment project to set up its fourth ethane cracking complex in Louisiana, the U.S., as part of its objective to raise the proportion of overseas investment to some 80 percent over the next three years from 25 percent as it has maintained in the past. ...

Taiwan's fastener production volume during 2005-2014

Taiwan's 2014 Fastener Production Again Sets Record High Volume

Production volume in 2014 exceeds new high of 1.812 million tonnes for second straight year

Feb 25, 2015

Compiled by STEVE CHUANG With TV news reports that certain parts of the USA have seen home prices rise sizably since last year, in particular those in San Francisco, and the Greek debt deal tentatively extended, and car sales stateside increase due to falling gas prices, some say the global economic climate looks promising and should drive manufacturing and construction industries worldwide, w...

Supplier News

Yenchang Hardward Hook & Spring Factory's metal wiring and sheet processing products are highly-regarded by industry members. (photo courtesy of Yenchang Hardward Hook & Spring Factory)

Yenchang Hardward Hook & Spring Versed in Handling Customization Orders to Maximize Profits for Clients

Oct 17, 2019

∎Huang Chi-ming Yenchang Hardward Hook & Spring Factory is a Taiwanese professional maker of precision metal stampings, having obtained ISO9001 quality management certification in 2014. Well experienced in metal wiring and sheet processing, the company can process various materials including steel, copper and aluminum into finished and semi-finished products such as customized metal stampi...


Shuenn Chang Fa's total factory grounds will reach 16,000 square meters after expansion, allowing them to offer clients even more solutions. (Photo provided by Shuenn Chang Fa)

Quality Fastener Supplier SCF's Factory Expansion Means Better Services for Clients

Oct 17, 2019

∎Huang Chi-ming Taiwanese quality fastener manufacturer Shuenn Chang Fa Enterprise Co., Ltd.'s (SCF) newest factory is almost completed, which expands the original 10,000-square meters factory grounds to 16,000 square meters. Aside from incorporating a new German-imported long-screw molding machine SCF has plans to add an automatic logistics system and packaging equipment to quickly fulfill a...


Chong Cheng Fastener Corp. is exceptionally proud of their factory's exterior design and retrieval system. (photo courtesy of Chong Cheng Fastener Corp.)

Chong Cheng Fastener Upholds Client Services Above All

Oct 16, 2019

■Huang Chi-ming Founded in 1989, Chong Cheng Fastener Corp. (CFC) is a professional manufacturer of nuts using various materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy brass, etc. The firm is committed to offering high-value nuts with specialized specifications, mainly shipped to European, the U.S. and Japanese markets. The markets usually see different product preferences. In Europe, ...


Insiders' Views

Kristy Chi, MIRDC's industry analyst.

MIRDC Analyst Shares Views to Dispel Doom of Red Supply Chain on Taiwan's Fastener Industry

Taiwan-to-China fastener exports in Jan.-July 2015 total 11,000 tonnes versus only 3,000 tonnes of imports

Oct 01, 2015

The rise of China’s “red supply chain,” a term coined by market observers for aggressive development of Chinese tech industries backed by the central government to minimize dependence on imports and secure sustained economic growth, is widely regarded a growing threat to Taiwanese manufacturers, especially those from the island’s industries supplying products and services overlapping those from t...

Exhibition Highlights

Fastener Expo Shanghai 2020</h2>

Fastener Expo Shanghai 2020

Feb 13, 2020

Opening Time: 18-20 August,, 2020 Venue: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) Organisers: Shanghai ITE Ebseek Exhibition Co., Ltd. Fastener Expo Shanghai 2020, has been deeply rooted in the industry for 11 years, and has always been developing and expanding with the purpose of being professional, efficient, open and innovative. It can be called the benchmark event in t...

FASTENER SHANGHAI 2020 — Shanghai Fastener & Tech Show Join the Best: Gateway to China's Fastener Market</h2>

FASTENER SHANGHAI 2020 — Shanghai Fastener & Tech Show Join the Best: Gateway to China's Fastener Market

Dec 13, 2019

CHINA'S FASTENER INDUSTRY IS IN A PERIOD OF TRANSITION FROM 'LARGE' TO 'STRONG' Fastener is the most widely used mechanical part in various sectors. After decades of development and accumulation, China’s fastener industry has completed the transformation from small to large, and its output ranks the first in the world now. However, how to produce high quality fasteners to meet new needs of app...

 Manufacturers Eye Profit at 2019 Plastics and Rubber K Trade Fair in Germany</h2>

Manufacturers Eye Profit at 2019 Plastics and Rubber K Trade Fair in Germany

Jul 10, 2019

The first K Trade Fair was organized by Messe Düsseldorf in 1953, taking place every three years and eventually becoming the benchmark of international trade expos for plastics and rubber. This year, the K Fair is entering its 21st edition continuing its reputation among industry members as the must-visit platform to do business. The last event in 2016 attracted 3,293 exhibitors from 61 countries...