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Wise Center’s “Planet Gear” Series Gardening Tools Highlight Unparalleled Efficiency--Improved mechanical linkage results in series all featuring more compact exterior and effortless operation

With unremitting dedication to R&D for truly innovative garden cutting tools that can enhance the quality of people’s lives, Wise Center Industrial Group Inc., a world-caliber developer and maker of this kind, has launched its brand new “Planet Gear” series gardening tools to keep a step ahead of ri... 详全文


Adhering to a tried-and-proven strategy has helped build Wise Center Industrial Group Inc. into one of the most reliable, successful garden tool makers globally: the firm has over the years focused on creating lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships with clients, keeping its promises, and R&D. ... 详全文

Wise Center Industrial Group Inc.

Since its establishment in 1991 in Taichung County, central Taiwan, Wise Center Industrial Group Inc. has been dedicated to producing garden tools, while it is an ISO9001-standard approved supplier. Wise Center's product range includes a variety of garden tools, such as lopping shears, hedge she... 详全文

公司名称: 维胜特企业股份有限公司