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Puff Dino Antirust/ Penetrating/ Lubrication
Puff Dino Antirust/ Penetrating/ Lubrication

Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

1.All-in-one advantage for clean/ penetrating/ waterproof/ anti-rust/lubricant.
2.Unique formula that easily penetrates and loosens rusted screws.
3.Spray evenly to isolate moisture, and protect components from rust.
4.Provide excellent lubrication for metal, bearing, and also eliminate the noise from friction.
5.Easy to use on small parts without smear and moisture remained on metal with adjustable nozzle.

1.Shake well before use.
2.Adjustable Nozzle:
Lift the tube to lubricate surface cracks or small components.
Press down the tube for use in larger areas.
3.Can be used in inverted way if necessary.
4.Can be used as cleaner when sprayed on components or machines

Suitable for factory, material in office, tools in farm, automobile, ship.

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