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Facial Tissue Paper Machinery - 2 ply
Facial Tissue Paper Machinery - 2 ply

产品型号:CB228 2T 原产地:台湾 颜色:Bule Color


CB228 2T Facial Tissue Machinery ━ 2 Lanes

A mini-function facial tissue machine

The CB228 2T Facial Tissue Paper Machinery is both modular and versatile. The CB228 2T modularity makes it ideal to dispenser facial tissue paper product with 2 different width dimensions by removable slitting knives. The Modular design makes different of facial tissue paper product dimension to sell to different market customers.

CB228 2T is a high efficiency facial tissue machine used to unwind the web paper roll 400mm (W). This tissue machine also an economically priced for applications facial tissue product capacity up to 2,000 sheets/min. The regular speed of facial tissue paper machinery could reach 100M/min.

Chyau Ban facial tissue machine is built with durable quality material, and solid quality frames. We make sure the CB228 2T facial tissue machine can be running at high speed and tidy interfold facial tissue products.

Facial Tissue Machine Specifications

Machine Classify:Foundation
Machine Model:CB228 2T
Jumbo Roll Dimension:400mm(W)
Jumbo Roll Diameter:1,000mm(Ø)
Jumbo Roll Material Qualify:Paper Basic Weight: 12~15 gsm/1 ply
Paper Material:100% pure paper
Jumbo Roll Paper Core:3 inches
Jumbo Roll Unit:2 units
Interfold Style:V Fold
Unfold Dimension:200mm(L)x 200mm(W)
Interfold Dimension:100mm(L)x 200mm(W)
Slitting Knives:2 units
Machine Design Speed:100~120M/min
Design Product Capacity:2,000 sheets/min
Remark:Customer could flexible to change as your specific dimension

Facial Tissue Machine Functional Features

1. Jumbo Roll Stand with 2 units
2. Paper Tension Control System
3. Emboss Roll Pattern Design Customize
4. Edge Emboss Roll Assistance
5. Digital Counting Sensors
6. Tissue Product Output Panel

Advantage of CB228 2T Facial Tissue Machine

To assist beginner enter tissue business easy, CB228 2T Facial Tissue Machine designs as the smallest tissue machine to produce facial tissue products available.

1. Budget Tissue Machinery
2. Tissue Machinery in Efficiency
3. Tidy Tissue Paper Interfold
4. Reduce Workers, and Cost Saving
5. Convenient Tissue Machine Operation
6. Control Panel Close to Operator
7. Durable Quality Facial Tissue Machine

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