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Semi-Automatic Swivel Head Double Mitering
Semi-Automatic Swivel Head Double Mitering



* Precision ground, oversized round column design
* 7.5 degree blade cant for longer blade life
* Heavy duty, rigid saw frame supported by two large bore hydraulic cylinders
* Cross link connecting the two columns for enhanced structural strength
* 45 degree forward & backward swivel with automatic angle lock-in
Blade Drive
* Specially designed planetary drive for smooth and powerful cutting
* Heavy duty inverter blade drive system
* Easy-to-read LED speed indicator
Blade Guidance & Lubrication System
* Hydraulically operated carbide blade guides
* Two addtional guide bearings for extra support of the blade
* Automatic hydraulic blade tensioning device
* Hydraulically actuated guide arm
* Integral coolant system
* Synchronized power driven blade brush
Control & Automation
* Independent control station
* Precision feed pressure & feed rate dual valve system
* LED speed indicator
* "Last cut" or "keep on" selector switch
Material Feeding & Clamping
. Vise pressure detector
* Hydraulically powered material infeed lift roller
* Idle roller work table for material feeding
* Light projection for precise length measurement
* Full stroke double retracting vise
* Full stroke cylinder vises
* Proximity switch for sensing blade slippage or breakage
* Electrical and hydraulic safety interlock
* Conduits protection measure
* "Alert Orange" safety measure
Standard Accessories
* Blade "clip" device for easy blade change
* Bi-metal saw blade
* Tool box, leveling pads, and an additional wire brush
* Operation & parts manual

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