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Traversing Head Vertical Plate Saw
Traversing Head Vertical Plate Saw



* The worktable is extra heavy duty to handle all sizes of plates regardless of weight.
* The Saw Arm's extra wide frame gives a solid, vibration free support to the blade.
* The Saw Frame moves via three precision ground, steel wheels that ride on two hardened, heavy-duty double rails that run the length of the saw table.
* Saw frame travel is done by using an AC servo motor coupled with planetary speed reducer.
* The Blade Drive System
* Inverter-Controlled Blade Speed
* Blade Deviation Detector
* The Computer Controlled Feed System
* NC Feed System with LCD Screen:
Automatic display of the feed rate, cutting rate, blade speed, and cutting time
Work length setting. When desired cut length is reached, machine will automatically shut off.
In case the error occurred, the error message will show up
The record of the operation time and the blade life (time and cutting area) is saved in memory.
* Powered Guide Arm is hydraulically controlled from the operator's station, allowing the operator to move the carbide guides as close to the material as possible regardless of the material height.
* Tungsten Carbide Blade Guides are hydraulically clamped automatically to insure proper guide clearance to promote long blade life.
* The Keep On/Last Cut function allows setting to automatically stop the machine and shut down the hydraulic system at the end of the last cut.

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