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Traversing Head Vertical Plate Saw
Traversing Head Vertical Plate Saw



* Triple Wheels and widened Double Track
* Designed in consideration of heavier cutting load
Blade Drive
* Planetary gearbox guaranteeing high transmission efficiency
* Inverter controlled infinitely variable blade speed
Blade Guidance & Lubrication System
* Hydraulic Tungsten Carbide Blade Guides with bearing guides
* Hydraulic guide arms
* Automatic hydraulic blade tensioning device
* Hydraulic Chip Conveyor
* Integral coolant system
* Synchronized power driven blade brush & extra coolant nozzle
Control & Automation
* LCD Screen indicating feed rate, cutting rate, work length setting, error messages.
* Automatic shutoff at end of last cut
* Servo motor controlled cutting pressure
* Automatic torque adjustment
* Laser Beam Projector for easy measurement (Option)
Material Feeding & Clamping
* 3 Independent Hydraulic lift take-in roller system
* AC Servo Motor coupled with planetary gearbox enabling high torque and low speed capability
* Smooth, pulse free feeding from 2 mm/min to 2000 mm/min
* Interlock design in electrical and hydraulic system
* Conduits protection measure
* "Alert Orange" safety measure
Standard Accessories
* Additional flushing hose
* Bi-metal saw blade
* Built in work light
* Tool box, leveling pads, and an additional wire brush
* Operation & parts manual
* All designs and specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation

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