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These are in-depth pre- and post-show reports on major international trade fairs, held in Taiwan and other countries with significant participation by Taiwanese manufacturers and exporters. They are offered to help global buyers and other readers better understand what is going on at the fairs and the latest offerings by Taiwanese exhibitors.

ITRI is working with the Taichung City Government and Taiwanese firms to develop self-driving public buses. (Photo courtesy of ITRI)

ITRI Teams Up with Taichung Gov over Taiwan's 1st Self-Driving Bus Testing Grounds

Dec 01, 2020

The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has teamed up with Taichung City Government and several local firms to set up Taiwan's first testing grounds for self-driving buses. The testing grounds have also prompted the first commercial operations of the self-driving buses, accumulating around 700 travelers through the process. These firms include THI Consultants Inc., Green Transi...

Yulon China-Motor to Partner with Gogoro Over Battery Platform</h2>

Yulon China-Motor to Partner with Gogoro Over Battery Platform

Nov 27, 2020

China Motor Corporation (CMC) announced a partnership between its parent company Yulon Group and Taiwan's leading electric scooter maker Gogoro on Thursday. According to CMC's General Manager Chen Zhao-wen, the partnership entails equipping its eMoving electric scooter series with the Gogoro Network smart battery swapping platform by the end of 2021. eMoving would target the current three diff...


China to Tighten NEV Production Amid Oversupply Concerns: NDRC

Nov 26, 2020

Media reports indicate China's National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) would be holding tighter reigns over its fully-electric vehicle production numbers due to an internal memo released to the public on Wednesday. The memo also emphasized that local agencies must carry out in-depth investigations into the new energy vehicles (NEVs) investments since 2015, specifically China Evergran...

Photo credits: UDN/Yageo

Global Chip Resistor Maker Walsin Halts Operations due to COVID-19

Nov 25, 2020

Global chip resistor maker Walsin Technology reported a possible COVID-19 infection within its Malaysian ranks on Tuesday and could cease plant operations for three weeks, impacting sectors like automotive and consumer electronics. Walsin Technology's possible outbreak would be the second among IC makers. Competitors such as Yageo, Tai-I, and Chilisin are eyeing transferred orders out of Walsi...

Possible Pegatron Factory in the U.S., Chairman Cites Lucrative EV Market</h2>

Possible Pegatron Factory in the U.S., Chairman Cites Lucrative EV Market

Nov 20, 2020

Local media has reported Pegatron Corporation to consider building a factory in the U.S. While Chairman T.H. Tung has yet to comment on it directly, he revealed Pegatron's promising growth in its electric vehicle operations on Thursday. A U.S. factory for Pegatron would mean setting up shop to service its biggest customer, Tesla, analysts say. Tung has remarked that its EV sales could boast a ...

Taiwan's LCD Panel Makers to Expand Cross-Industry Operations</h2>

Taiwan's LCD Panel Makers to Expand Cross-Industry Operations

Nov 19, 2020

LCD panel maker Innolux's LC extraction recycling system is the first of its kind and was awarded among the top sustainability firms in Taiwan. General Manager Chu-Hsiang Yang pledged they would allow other industry firms to use the system as well. Innolux is also seeking to expand its operations outside the traditional areas for panels; subsidiary InnoCare Optoelectronics, producing X-ray ima...

New TTVMA Board of Director Election Signals Industry Trends</h2>

New TTVMA Board of Director Election Signals Industry Trends

Nov 18, 2020

Taiwan Transportation Vehicle Manufacturers Association (TTVMA) held a new board of director elections this Tuesday, with second-generation business leaders and cross-industry firms as the latest trends on the board. The association elected China Motor (CMC) President Chen Chao-wen as the new association president; Foxconn Chairman Young Liu debuted onto the board for the first time. Second-ge...

Photo Credit: UDN File photo

Huawei's Big Strides in the Smart Vehicle Industry

Nov 17, 2020

Huawei is reported to combine its Consumer BG and Intelligent Vehicle BU operations, according to local media, as the Chinese cellphone maker looks to expand its presence in smart vehicles. Reports point to Huawei Consumer BG CEO Yu Chengdong, taking up the mantel to oversee the combined departments. The two departments have integrated investments from both sides, while no change was brought f...

Photo credits: File hoto

Optimism for Q4 Panel Sales, Cites Teleworking and Online Classes: AU Optronics

Nov 11, 2020

With teleworking and remote, online learning bolstering demand, AU Optronics Chairman Paul Peng expressed optimism regarding Q4 sales, which could perform above average. The firm can pursue high-end, energy-efficient panels once they resolve material shortage for semiconductor chips, Peng said. He stressed that "positivity is a must" regarding next year's business outlook. He made his comment...

A Biden-Win in U.S. Elections Favorable for Taiwan's Machinery: TAMI</h2>

A Biden-Win in U.S. Elections Favorable for Taiwan's Machinery: TAMI

Nov 10, 2020

With the U.S. presidential election projecting a win on the Biden-Harris ticket, the Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI) believes regardless of the result, the American's manufacturing policies will still favor Taiwan's industry. TAMI Chairman Alex Ko, speaking to Taiwan's state-backed Central News Agency, pointed out that American policies are still likely to buoy Taiwan's machine...