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Furniture China 2020 sheds light on a Dual-Circulating Revolution with Online & Offline hybrid Impetus


On September 12, 2020, the 26th China International Furniture Expo (Furniture China) successfully concluded at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). While the concurrently held project, Maison Shanghai 2020, also ended the day before (September 11) at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Co

Sun White Stands Out in Global Furniture Market with Constant Pursuit of Continuous Improvements


Sun White Industrial Co., Ltd., founded in 1990 in central Taiwan by a group of mechanical engineers, makes four categories of knock-down furniture—home-office furniture, accent or occasional tables, entertainment centers and others. In the home-office furniture category, the main products inclu

MIFF 2015 Rounds Off with US$865 M. in On-Site Orders amid Growth Slowdown of Emerging Economies--Over 18,000 buyers and visitors were present to drive business opportunities at the venue


Despite IMF (International Monetary Fund)’s latest report on global economic growth forecasts casting shadow to outlooks in emerging markets, which shows the overall GDP growth rate in emerging countries, including China, Brazil and Russia, to slow to 4.3% and 4.7% in 2015 and 2016, respectively, t

Tainan Furniture Museum Looks at an Industry in Transition--Tainan Furniture Museum has teamed up with Yung Shing subsidiaries to arrange a variety of cultural programs and exhibitions


By Michelle Hsu The Tainan Furniture Museum, transformed from an idle furniture factory of Yung Shing Furniture Company, is the first private eco-themed furniture museum in Taiwan. Based in southern Taiwan, the museum's mission is to display and educate the public about Taiwan's furniture indust

Paper Finds Its Way into the Furniture Market--Taiwanese manufacturers adopt the material of the future


By MICHELLE HSU With the rise of environmental awareness, the concept of "green" is gradually finding its way into works of creation, and paper is being applied ever more widely in furniture design and production as an eco-friendly alternative to solid wood. From the simple cabinets and seati

Technology Advances Drive Changes in the Design of Workspace Furniture-- The increasing use of mobile devices gives rise to "the chair as an office"


By MICHELLE HSU Whatever you call the space where you work at home--studio, workstation, home office--the furniture you use there is undergoing drastic changes along with the evolution of lifestyles and working habits brought on by the use of PCs and mobile devices. Advances in information, c

Children’s Furniture Sees Rosy Outlook in China--Rising living standards and the end of the one-child policy leave manufacturers optimistic


By JENNY WU China has more than 300 million people under the age of 16, accounting for a quarter of the country’s entire population, notes Zhu Changling, vice director of the China National Furniture Association. This means, he believes, that the potential for the development of children's furni

Woodcraft and Traditional Culture Combine in Taiwanese Furniture


By MICHELLE HSU The emergence of the cultural/creative industry is not only infusing new life into Taiwan’s furniture industry but is also encouraging local furniture designers to seek inspiration from the traditional wood workmanship, structure, and cultural background of furniture from earlier d

Taiwan’s Furniture Makers Seek Survival Through Alliances--Manufacturers strive to provide comprehensive solutions for home decoration


The continuing slump in the international market, along with other factors, has caused Taiwanese furniture makers, one after another, to shift their attention to the domestic market. To their disappointment, however, they have discovered that Taiwan is actually part of the weak global market. S

Exhibit Evokes Wood Culture and the Interdependence Between Man and Nature--Handicrafts are an accumulated global heritage


Tsung-Yeh International Exhibition of Wooden Artifacts 2013 The Tsung-Yeh Arts and Cultural Center, operated by the Tainan City Cultural Affairs Bureau, has held the Tsung-Yeh International Exhibition of Wooden Artifacts for three years in a row to promote handicraft aesthetics and the wood ha

Outlook Bright for China’s Outdoor Furniture Industry--Market demand set to grow as consumers pursue more leisurely lifestyles


While the global economic climate has improved a bit in 2013, China’s growth has remained sluggish. This weakness, coupled with the short-term impact of the government’s revision of regulations to cool off the overheated real estate market, has confronted China’s furniture manufacturers with declin

Taiwan’s Public-Area Furniture Makers Remain Strong and Flexible--Ample supply of high-end parts and skilled workers makes Taiwan a good place to produce quality outdoor and public-area furniture


Taiwan’s furniture makers have been moving offshore in droves over the past two decades, but some of them have managed to stay on the island and use their strong manufacturing capability and flexibility to compete in the international arena. Those that have kept their roots in Taiwan have worke

TFPA Chairman Talks About Essence of Taiwanese Furniture Trade--Maintaining tradition is how an industry finds faith and confidence


After undergoing transition in the late 1990s, the Taiwan furniture industry has awakened to a strategy taken for granted in the West and often practiced with considerable success, with an increasing number of companies learning the art of and investing in branding. This new trend started at t

A Former Prof’s Silent Revolution for Taiwan’s Furniture Industry--T.Y. Lin believes the local furniture industry needs fundamental change


In a secluded hilly area of suburban Taipei, a retired professor has been staging his own version of upgrading and enlightenment of the furniture industry, with the Furniture Bibliotheca HDG, a private library in an isolated, decades-old traditional Chinese residence amid sylvan woods that is perha

Award-winning Furniture Highlights Talents of Taiwanese Designers


Taiwanese manufacturers are already known around the world for their competence at OEM (original equipment manufacturing), and now the island’s furniture makers are striving to upgrade their positioning in the global supply chain to act as ODM (original design manufacturing) partners. Some are even

Fewer Children Mean More Potential for Furniture Makers


A truism in business remains that social trends, regardless of short- or long-term miseries created, will always be cradles of opportunities. Graying societies in Japan, Taiwan, China and elsewhere due to decreasing birth rates may alarm policymakers and life insurers, but are actually creating pot

TCT NANOTEC CO., LTD.--Movable chair, knock-down (K/D) furniture


Adjustable desk and movable chair offered by TCT NANOTEC CO., LTD. constitute a dynamic workstation ideal for school children, SOHO people and office workers. Established in 1983, TCT was the first company to set up a large-scale furniture chain in Taiwan and one of the first to introduce melami

Paor Tsann Enterprise Co., Ltd.--Metal furniture


Metal furniture A prestigious manufacturer and exporter in Taiwan’s furniture industry, Paor Tsann Enterprise Co., Ltd. is well versed in making metal furniture with such materials as stainless steel and aluminum. To stay competitive in the world market, the company has kept upgrading product

Global Furniture Industry Highlights--(Excerpted from publications by International Alliance of


Fireplace Media Units Do Double Duty By Heath E. Combs Fireplace media units, by virtue of their name, can literally be described as hot items. In recent years they’ve come into their own as home entertainment pieces, going from free standing fireplaces to being offered as part of console unit.

Taiwanese Furniture Makers Innovate to Better Compete Globally--A couple returns to Taiwan to share


The massive outflow of Taiwan's furniture manufacturers over the past two decades has drastically changed the landscape of the sector, forcing many to come up with more creative solutions to better compete globally. Some of the makers are going upmarket, building unique, high quality piec

Many Metal Furniture Makers in Taiwan Claim to be Recession-proof--Secret to evading global meltdown


Metal furniture for the first time in 1993 surpassed wooden furniture in annual productivity and has since remained the largest sector of Taiwan's furniture industry. Compared to makers of wooden, rattan and bamboo, or plastic furniture, metal furniture makers perform much better in Taiwan due to s

Taizen Industrial Corp.--K/D furniture, computer chairs, desks & benches


Backed by experience and advanced technology, Taizen Industrial Corp. is a leading manufacturer of K/D furniture and school furniture in Taiwan. Among its major products are folding conference tables and chairs, student combo chairs & desks, independent student desks & chairs, computer desks & chai

Taiwan-based PC Desk Makers Do Well Despite Global Downturn


As in many other export segments, the emerging market rivals from China and Vietnam have been over the past 20 years encroaching the market shares commanded by Taiwan-based suppliers of furniture. Besides moving offshore to reduce cost, integrating resources in Taiwan to achieve synergy, and sharpe

Taiwan Carves Out Niche in Children`s Furniture Market


As birth rates fall around the world, one would expect the children's furniture market to be in terminal decline. In fact it is thriving. Parents may be having fewer kids, but they seem to be spending just as much on the little darlings, driving the children furniture industry up, up and away. E

Pinzaan Founder Aims to Bridge Gap Between Designers and Buyers


After only two years in the market, the Pinzaan Co. has impressed consumers with its stunningly creative and eco-friendly paper furniture. The company was founded by Vito Lin, who graduated from the College of Design of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology in 2004 and is anxious to

Sticking to the Basics of Wooden Furniture Making Makes Sense


One rule of business never changes: the emerging economies will, when given the opportunity, gradually catch up and even exceed the existing dominant players. Such trend apparently has been impacting the furniture makers in Taiwan over the past two decades, with rivals in China and other Southeast

Paul-Yu Industrial Corp. - Decorative lanterns in artistic looks


Paul-Yu Industrial Corp. is not only a very creative maker of decorative lamps, but also a shrewd operator: the firm knows to curtain its exhibits at international trade fairs, so as to showcase all unique and magnificent products to VIP buyers keeping them calm and ensured throughout the event and

Landfeng Furniture Co., Ltd.--Office chairs, lounge chairs, school chairs, folding chairs, sofas


Established in 1989, Landfeng Furniture Co., Ltd. is a professional seating manufacturer, offering a wide variety of chairs including office chairs, lounge chairs, school chairs, folding chairs, sofas, and related parts. The company, located in Shunde of Foshan, Guangdong Province, China, operat

TCT Nanotech Co., Ltd. --Quality, ergonomically designed computer desks & chairs for school children


As one of Taiwan's leading furniture manufacturers, TCT Nanotech Co., Ltd. has spared no efforts improving manufacturing technology to turn out not only innovative, but also ergonomic, safe and healthy furniture products. Established in 1983, TCT was the first company to set up a large-scale fur

Office Furniture Makers in Taiwan Fight to Survive Adversity


Compelled by the realities in the wake of globalization and gradual liberalization of the mainland Chinese economy, office furniture makers in Taiwan, like many other manufacturing sectors, have also been moving production offshore to take advantage of lower labor cost to upgrade competitiveness, h